The Little Black Book of Visual Effects

book review by Paul Younghusband

The only directory of visual and digital effects production companies and personnel is here. The Little Black Book of Visual Effects brings 12 categories and over 250 pages of contact information for visual effects companies, personnel, support services, software companies and a whole lot more into the hands of anyone willing to pay a mere US $38 for it.

This directory contains information invaluable to anyone serious about getting into the visual or digital effects industry, as well as to filmmakers, broadcasters and music video and commercial directors/producers. Each listing contains a name (either company or individual), telephone and fax number, address, e-mail and a short list of services and/or credits. Whether you're looking to send out a hoard of demo reels or hire someone to produce the visual effects for your music video, this is the directory for you.

Categories include Visual Effects & Digital Effects Companies, Visual Effects Production Personnel, Visual Effects Stage Personnel, Art Department, Models/Miniatures, Mechanical/Special Effects, Post-Production Companies, Support Services and more. Plus, each category contains numerous sub-categories. There is something here for everyone, whether you're into CGI or model miniatures, art direction or post-production.

Personally, I have nothing but praise for this book. It's long overdue. My only concern is that it could be larger, but for a first edition who can complain? The book is well presented and the graphics are attractive. For instance, at the beginning of each category is a humorous cartoon, most of which poke fun at Hollywood and the glamorous(!) stereotypes associated with the visual effects and film industry.

The Little Black Book of Visual Effects is spiral bound, hard-wearing and highly recommended.

The Little Black Book of Visual Effects edited by Bernice Kenton-Briggs, Michele Linse-Jeffers, Janette Shew and Tamara Watts-Kent. Los Angeles, CA: PennyLane, Inc. 1998. (U.S. $38, spiralbound)

Paul Younghusband is editor-in-chief of Visual Magic Magazine, a monthly publication focusing on the 3D graphics and digital effects industries. One may reach Paul by e-mail at

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