A Tribute to Jean-Luc Xiberras

compiled by Annick Teninge and Georges Lacroix


The architect of the highly regarded Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Jean-Luc Xiberras passed away on December 26, 1998. We wanted to pay tribute to him for his immense contribution to animation. Here an international selection of friends, colleagues and animators give their final thoughts on a man whose presence in animation will long linger.

Annick Teninge, Ron Diamond, Dan Sarto and Heather Kenyon.
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Memory from Pierre Jacquier read during the memorial service for Jean-Luc Xiberras in Annecy.

I would have liked to be with you for this farewell from Annecy to Jean-Luc. We have lived through a common project, begun as an adventure, which he made a success. For years I have admired his long-term vision and his tenacity to make it come true, day after day. He knew how to involve many people, to incite them, to urge them on, tirelessly, so that you could say that this communal labor -- the Annecy Festival and the MIFA -- we owe to him.

I admired him even more for his secret, stubborn fight against a terrible illness which he never complained about except as another difficulty to overcome in order to continue his work.

Few men ever reach the pinnacle of their destiny. Jean-Luc was among those who did. I am proud to have worked with him, and profoundly sad to see him leave us.

Pierre Jacquier
President of the Annecy Festival from 1977 to 1984

Jean-Luc, we would like to thank you sincerely for the great passion for animation you were able to pass on to us and also for making us such a united and solid team. It will enable us, today, to continue, despite of your absence, the fantastic work you have achieved for animation.

You can count on us to follow your teachings of these last few years and continue to make the Annecy Festival an appointment rich in surprises and events.

Admiration is the first word that springs to mind when we remember you over these last months. You fought the battle against sickness with exemplary courage and strength, to such a point that we could never imagine that during this festive period the final word would be upon us.

So, we applaud you and once more say thank you.

The Annecy Festival Staff





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