A Tribute to Jean-Luc Xiberras

compiled by Annick Teninge and Georges Lacroix

The architect of the highly regarded Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Jean-Luc Xiberras passed away on December 26, 1998. We wanted to pay tribute to him for his immense contribution to animation. Here an international selection of friends, colleagues and animators give their final thoughts on a man whose presence in animation will long linger.

Annick Teninge, Ron Diamond, Dan Sarto and Heather Kenyon.
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It seems like we've known some people forever, so familiar are they to our world. We can only talk about them in a very personal way. Jean-Luc was one of those.

We knew Jean-Luc from his appearances at all the places, exhibitions and events associated with animation. But he was also the smiling friend with a debonair look, a pal in various privileged, warm moments. He was a guy you wouldn't see all the time; it was as if each new encounter with him was a seamless extension of the very last meeting.

In 16 years of friendship we've had many funny experiences... How could we forget our radio shows on FR3 during the festivals, the first Annecy Film Market, the finding of talent, the encounters with fantastic artists, and the discoveries, that spontaneously happened, at the Annecy "hot spots." Jean-Luc, my dear friend, you were our accomplice in our gags and hoaxes, like the one in 1989, for instance, where we celebrated totally surrealistic bicentennials during the festival. You managed to keep a fresh attitude while fulfilling your job with passion, to be kind, to make an effort at listening and understanding, and also to be humble, always.

Jean-Luc, if there is a heaven for nice people I hope you are there. And, if you can recall these moments, that you're laughing with your big, jolly laugh.

Gilbert Hus
Project Images Films

It would be nice to create a theme for Annecy, 'Young Animators in Heaven.'

"I'm going to ask for special permission to come back to earth to reveal these eternal talents."



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