A Tribute to Jean-Luc Xiberras

compiled by Annick Teninge and Georges Lacroix


The architect of the highly regarded Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Jean-Luc Xiberras passed away on December 26, 1998. We wanted to pay tribute to him for his immense contribution to animation. Here an international selection of friends, colleagues and animators give their final thoughts on a man whose presence in animation will long linger.

Annick Teninge, Ron Diamond, Dan Sarto and Heather Kenyon.
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A non-animation memory:

I knew Jean-Luc long before he got involved with the Annecy Festival, when he was organizing (along with another person) some film screenings at the Youth Center in Annemasse, a town next to the Swiss border, near Geneva.

Then we established a regular relationship in the framework of preparing for the Annecy Festival and through the festivals themselves, with me helping on a professional level as a specialist-historian. Aside from the festivals, we also met many times, sometimes at other festivals, or simply when he was passing through Geneva. Naturally, each time we discussed animation.

However we decided, some years ago, to meet neither at Annecy nor Geneva, but rather at his house in Monetier, a town located near Geneva on the route of the old, now discontinued, railroad line connecting Annemasse to Saleve. We promised ourselves, for once, not to talk about animation, which we succeeded in doing.

Jean-Luc invited my wife and I to an unforgettable barbecue, which allowed us to discover little-known facets of his activities: his talents as a cook, gardener and host of unsuspected quality. In the garden of his home, right beside the former Monetier station, we spent a very enjoyable day, during which, aside from all sorts of royal treats, we were able to savor a food unknown to our taste-buds before: tuna steaks -- absolutely fabulous! We treasure this simply marvelous memory of Jean-Luc, who that day opened to us a part of his little paradise on earth, which he kept up with great care, even if he was not there very often. For me, this recollection represents a part of the recognition that I owe him, and it will never disappear from my memory.

Thank you, Jean-Luc!

Bruno Edera
Television Suisse Romande






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