February 1999, Stop-Motion and Motion-Capture

How does motion-capture work? We will describe the systems used for motion-capture work -- the different technologies, biggest break-throughs and the upcoming triumphs. Brad deGraf of Protozoa will describe why animating with motion-capture isn't just grabbing digital is an art. Deborah Reber will profile three ultra-cool motion-capture projects. On the stop-motion side of things: Tyron Montgomery will lead us through the production process of Our Garden, a stop-motion theatrical piece he did using all digital technology. We will also focus on the U.K.'s stop-motion hub -- Bristol. Andrew Osmond will give us the tour. Mark Osborne writes on turning a 35mm film into the first 70mm IMAX stop-motion film, MORE.

Deanna Morse will describe the innovative creations of Japan's Toshio Iwai, an amazing artist who incorporates animation into his art installations. Glenn Vilppu continues his highly-acclaimed on-line life drawing series. Kosei Ono visits the Anpanman Museum in Japan and will tell us all about it. Plus, John Canemaker will also take us on an excursion around the new animation facilities at New York University. Terrence Briggs will be reviewing the new shows: The Powerpuff Girls, Ed, Edd `N Eddy, Batman Beyond, Dilbert and more. We will also be looking at a slew of new books. From Maureen Furniss' Art in Motion, to The Making of the Rugrats Movie, to The Prince of Egypt: A New Vision in Animation, to Creating 3-D Animation: The Aardman Book of Filmmaking, to new CGI how-to manuals, we will give you the lowdown on a selection of the newest book releases.

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