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MIP. The 35th MIP TV market will take place April 3-8, 1998 in Cannes, France. This annual event is a major point of business for the international television industry, including animation. To date, nearly 700 animated programs are slated to be offered by selected companies in the more than 981 exhibitors confirmed to date. MIP's organizers have noted that there is a particular increase in animated fare for adults. Some of the new animated shows being offered at MIP are Tristan and Isolde and Born Free from Canal +, Marcelo Pan Y Vino from P.M.M.P, The Slow Norris from Link Entertainment and Oi! Get Off Our Train from VARGA tvc Ltd.

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MIP TV will be reviewed in the May 1998 issue of Animation World Magazine.

The 9th International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart, Germany will take place April 3-8, 1998. 160 films have been selected for the international competition program. Programs include retrospectives of Marv Newland (Canada), Marjut Rimminen (U.K./Finland), Magnus Carlsson (Sweden) and Jiri Brdecka (Czech Republic); a screening of American musical cartoons from the `30s and `40s; a seminar about animation on the web with AWN's Ron Diamond and Christine Panushka; and a focus on Japan which includes a program organized by Sayoko Kinoshita, a retrospective of films by Yoji Kuri, plus a screening of Argentinian Eduardo Grenstein's documentary about the popularity of anime. For information, visit the official festival web site:

Stuttgart will be reviewed in the May 1998 issue of Animation World Magazine.

Bra!ncamp, A Meeting Of The Minds. The second annual Bra!ncamp took place in New York City, March 26-27, 1998. The event is a think-tank for people who work in the kids entertainment industry, designed to be an alternative to busy trade shows, and "the only thing in the kids business that people will `want' to go to rather than `have' to go to," said Fred Seibert, who co-founded the event with Howard Leib and executive director Lina Maini. Presenters included Robert Friedman, president of New Line Television, Anna Home, chair of The World Summit on Television, Brown Johnson, senior vice president of Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon Media Works, Gary Niles, executive vice president of marketing for Galoob Toys, Jules Feiffer, senior fellow in the National Arts Journalism Program, Charles Rivkin, president and COO of The Jim Henson Company and Herb Scannell, president of Nickelodeon. Participation is limited to 75 people, and is by invitation only. For information, contact or call Lina Maini at (516) 593-5494.

Animation World Magazine will attend Bra!ncamp and include an article about the event in the June 1998 issue.

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