Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.1, April 1998

This Month's Contributors

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Josephine Anstey is a Master of Fine Arts student. Her work focuses on the creation of virtual characters and interactive narrative.

Ged Bauer is webmaster and graphic designer of Animation World Network. He also has worked for Star Media Systems on Power Surge, a series of packaged video transitions for non-linear editing software.

Christian Coppin is a director at Atelier Graphoui in charge of workshops, the sound unit and all facets of technical production training.

Marcy Gardner, a PBS groupie, is committed to working on quality educational children's programming with heart, humor and great visuals. To date she has worked on Sesame Street, Arthur and is currently working on a new production of the hit 1970's children's show ZOOM at WGBH in Boston.

Jere Guldin is a film preservationist at UCLA Film and Television Archive, and director of the Animation Preservation Project for ASIFA-Hollywood. He has written articles on animation history and preservation for various magazines and journals.

Wendy Jackson is associate editor of Animation World Magazine.

Heather Kenyon is editor-in-chief of Animation World Magazine.

Mark Langer teaches film at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He is a frequent contributor to scholarly journals and a programmer of animation retrospectives.

Wilson Lazaretti is an animator, workshop leader and animation teacher at the Núcleo de Cinema de Animação de Campinas and Campinas State University in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ron MacFarlane is a long time creative writing teacher at the Forman School in Litchfield, Connecticut. A Furman University alum, he has been a cartoon/animation nut since the first Saturday morning of March in 1952.

Thor J. Mednick is a writer based in California. In addition to writing documentation in the field of information storage, he also contributes to a number of publications with both non-fiction and fiction works.

Anne-Marie Meissonnier is artistic consultant of the Children's Programs Department of FRANCE 3. There she is specifically in charge of the co-productions and supervises the entire production process of the predominately animated programs initiated by the Department.

Aline Moens is one of Atelier Graphoui's directors and is in charge of children's workshops.

Tania Nasielski is responsible for the coordination of production projects and communications at Atelier Graphoui.

Dave Pape is a computer science PhD candidate at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago. His research involves the underlying software for developing virtual reality applications.

Valerie Hamon-Rivoallon has worked in journalism since 1988. On the editorial staff of BREF, a magazine devoted to the short film, she has specialized in animation since 1993, preparing special reports on such topics as the state of animation in Slovakia and Belgium. As a member of AFCA (The French Association of Animation), she has organized the monthly programs of the Animatheque since September 1997, and has been involved with reorganizing the National Festival of Animation on Theater Screens. The next festival will be March, 1999.

Dominic Schreiber is a senior publicist for K Media Relations and a contributor to Television Business International and Animation Magazine. He is currently completing an extensive report on the international television animation industry for the publishers of the UK's Financial Times newspaper.

Stéphane Singier is the director of Paris' Z.A. Productions. Since 1987, the studio has won more than 20 international prizes and has become known as one of the most creative in the field of digital simulation with such 3D series as The Quarx. He is also a consultant on new imaging technologies and a member of the Administrative Council of CARTOON, a media council of the European Commission, where he represents France. He is also a member of CST and AFCA and was formerly Vice President of the Union of Animation Producers (SPFA).

Deborah Todd is a freelance writer and game designer specializing in children's and teen interactive games. Her work has produced many award winning titles with credits for the likes of Disney, Fox, Humongous, Mindscape, The Learning Company, Houghton-Mifflin, Starbright, DreamWorks, Broderbund, and MGM Television Animation. She is a columnist, instructor, and international speaker, and has served as a judge for the prestigious New Media Invision awards.

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