Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.5, August 1997

August 1997 Contributors

Janet Benn was Scene Planner, Layout Checker and Retake Supervisor on MTV Animation's Beavis and Butt-head Do America at MTV Animation in New York. She has worked in animation production for 20 years, and was an inker and final checker at Zander's Animation Parlour when Nancy Beiman was animating there. She was also the first vice-president of Women in Animation/New York, and has also officiated at ASIFA-East and Women Make Movies, Inc.

Karl Cohen is President of ASIFA-San Francisco. His first book, Forbidden Animation: Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators, will be published later this year. He also teaches animation history at San Francisco State University.

Joan Collins is chair emeritus of the Los Angeles local group of ACM/SIGGRAPH, and a visual effects producer at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Olivier Cotte is a Paris-based director and computer animation artist, whose credits include Terra Igconita.

Dr. Eric M. DeJong is a Planetary Scientist with the Earth and Space Sciences Division of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a Visiting Associate at Caltech.

William B. Green is Manager of the Science Data Processing Systems Section at CalTech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Bill Hilf lives in San Francisco where he works for C|NET: The Computer Network as Technical Producer for NEWS.COM ( He has studied and worked in animation, and wrote his master's thesis on the new forms of storytelling in the digital age (available online at

Wendy Jackson is Associate Editor of Animation World Magazine.

Jo Jürgens is a writer and animator based in Norway. He is currently working on Animated Conversations - Interviews with the World's Greatest Animators, which is slated for publication in 1998.

Heather Kenyon is Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Magazine.

Guionne Leroy is a Belgian animator who, since completing her education at La Cambre in 1992, has worked on animation productions around the world, including feature films, commercials and commissioned short films.

William Moritz teaches film and animation history at the California Institute of the Arts.

Sean MacLennan Murch spent four years in London working as both a producer and executive producer. For the last two years he has been based in Vancouver, where he is currently employed as the Director of Development at Natterjack Animation Co. Ltd.

Deborah Reber has been an Animation Development Consultant with UNICEF for the past three years, and currently oversees the Cartoons for Children's Rights campaign, as well as other animation advocacy activities.

Joseph Szadkowski writes on various aspects of popular culture and is a columnist for The Washington Times.

Michael Whitney, MBA, CPA, is an independent filmmaker and producer, and is currently working for the State of Tennessee Department of Education. He assisted his father, John Whitney, with DOS, and has traveled extensively, lecturing and demonstrating RDTD and the Moon Drum pieces.

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