Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.5, August 1997

Television, September 1997

Our Fall issue will feature the world of television with a focus on the innovations of MTV Animation and the Children's Television Workshop. A dinner conversation with MTV's Abby Terkuhle and CTW's Arlene Sherman will be included as will an article by Chris Robinson tracing the impact of these two animation leaders. A Fall TV preview will be included along with commentary by a special "mystery" guest. The newly crowded French market will be explored by Marie-Agnès Bruneau. Milt Vallas will report on the big changes in Korea's animation scene and the state of television's finances will be investigated by Buzz Potamkin. Event reviews will include SIGGRAPH, ComiCon, Masters of Animation and AnimExpo. Rose Bond will also profile Joanna Priestley and much, much more.

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