Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.4, July1997


Activision And Id Continue To Quake. Activision has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to the next interactive game to be released by Id Software, tentatively titled Quake II. This follows in the successful footsteps of two Quake titles previously produced by Id and released by Activision.

Rugrats Interacting With Broderbund. Characters from Nickelodeon's Rugrats will be crawling onto a computer screen near you, in a new series of CD-ROM games being developed with Broderbund Interactive. Scheduled for a 1998 release, the activity-based games will include problem-solving stories and story-based adventures. "Seeing the world from a toddler's point of view has made Rugrats a hit animated series" noted Thomas Ascheim, Nickelodeon's vice president of business development, publishing and multimedia. Added Broderbund's vice president and executive publisher Laurie Strand; "The interactive story-based adventure format offers kids an opportunity to explore new environments and solve problems from a Rugrat's point of view, tapping into the elements that make the show such a success." Besides being Nickelodeon's number-one rated television series, and having a newly created line of toys and apparel, Rugrats properties will soon include a home video (July 1997) and a theatrical feature film (Fall 1998).

Canadian TV Producers CD-ROM A group of competing independent Canadian producers and distributors recently joined forces to publish a CD-ROM designed to promote Canadian children's properties to overseas developers. Driving the Future, produced by the Canadian Film and Television Production Association, and funded by a grant from Bell Canada, is an interactive catalog of about 60 properties from 21 Canadian content providers, including Cinar Films, Paragon Entertainment and Cactus Animation. The CD-ROM is of relatively low quality and slow speed, however, it is available free to broadcasters, distributors, syndicators, co-producers, multimedia software developers and merchandisers from Médialane Communications, (613) 290-1497.

Bethesda To Put Up The Redguard. Maryland-based Bethesda Softworks, a division of Media Technology Limited, has announced the upcoming November 1997 release of Redguard, a new CD-ROM game for the PC format. Part of the Elder Scrolls Adventures series, the action/adventure game will feature a full rendered 3D environment and characters.

Following EA On The Mpath. Software publisher Electronic Arts has formed a license agreement with Mpath Interactive, an Internet entertainment company. Mpath's online multi-player game service Mplayer (, will carry a selection of Electronic Arts multi-player game titles. Electronic Arts, a company which has built its strength on forming strategic alliances, recently announced its fiscal results for 1996. In a time of consolidation and high competition in the interactive marketplace, EA's revenue were at $143 million, an increase of 23 percent over the previous year. Recently released action and sports games from EA include SCARAB, Advanced Tactical Fighters, Darklight Conflict and Theme Hospital.

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