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Television Ollie Awards. On June 12, the Hollywood Radio & Television Society presented the International Broadcasting Awards' Ollie Awards for "The World's Best Radio and Television Commercials for 1996." Out of 27 categories, the one TV Animation award went to Brenda & Elaine, an Acme Filmworks Production directed by Sue Loughlin for Weight Watchers through the Lowe & Partners/SMS agency in New York.

Cartoon Art Museum Presenting Charles M. Schultz Award. On September 13, 1997 the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco will present the first Charles M. Schultz award to (who else?) Charles Schultz and John Lasseter. Also receiving a special Lifetime Achievement Award will be animation legend Chuck Jones. Tickets to the awards dinner are $150.00 ($300 to sit at an honoree's table), the proceeds from which will contribute to the Cartoon Art Museum's education and exhibition funds. For information call (415) 227-8666.

Cinema Expo Honors Disney Execs. The Cinema Expo International, taking place July 2, 1997 in Amsterdam, will honor Walt Disney Company chairman Roy Disney and head of Walt Disney Feature Animation Peter Schneider with the International Creative Achievement Award.

MTV Europe Launches Storyboard Competition. In an attempt to draw young viewers' attention to issues of diversity and discrimination, MTV Europe is announcing a contest where successful candidates will have their films funded by the network. Film makers are invited to submit clear outlines of their ideas in the form of detailed storyboards. Winners will receive funding for production as well as a chance of additional prize moneys. MTV hopes to encourage animators to use their skills to create shorts that will act as a "call-to-action" for young people and alert them to issues such as Aids and HIV, racism and prejudice, political awareness, human rights, the environment and more. These films will be added to MTV's already extensive "Free Your Mind" campaign. For more information contact Peter Dougherty or Anna Chacko in the Creative & On-Air Department of MTV Europe at telephone 44.(0)171.284.7644/7575 or fax 44.(0)171.284.7857.

Answer Cartoon's Call. The European Union is launching a call to European animators everywhere. Cartoon is looking for animated shorts that will promote the Euro, the future European currency. The Union is hoping that the series will appeal to a wide audience in order to help the population cope with the upcoming currency change. This huge promotional project promises that the top 30 entries will recieve honorariums. The deadline is August 15, 1997. For more information contact Carine Hacquart at telephone or fax

1997 Clio Awards. The Annual Clio Award Winners were announced in late May. "Honoring advertising excellence worldwide" the awards in the Television/Cinema - Animation category were:

Gold Award

Advertiser: Nissan
Advertising Agency: Chiat/Day, Venice
Production Studio: Will Vinton Studios; Portland, Smile Films; Santa Monica, Portland, Santa Monica,
Animation Company: Will Vinton Studios, Portland
Director: Mark Gustafson, Kink Usher
Animator: Chuck Duke, Jeff Mulcaster, Jerold Howard, Si Tran

Silver Awards

Destination Moon
Advertiser: NIKE
Advertising Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland
Production Studio: Wild Brain, Inc., San Francisco
Animation Company: Wild Brain, Inc., San Francisco
Director: Gordon Clark

Virtual Andre
Award: Silver
Advertiser: NIKE
Advertising Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland
Production Studio: RSA/USA, Los Angeles
Animation Company: Digital Domain, Venice
Director: Allan Van Rijn

Citroen ZX - Les Poils (The Hairs)
Advertiser: Citroen 2x
Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG SCHER LAFARGE, Paris
Production Studio: Lambie-Nairn Directors, London
Animation Company: Tandem Films/The Mill, London
Director: Harry Dorrington
Computer Graphics Animators: Laurent Hugienot, Alison Leaf

Advertiser: Saturn-GM EV1
Production Studio: Industrual Light + Magic, San Rafael
Animation Company: Industrial Light + Magic, San Rafael
Animator: Marc Chu, Tim Stevenson, Izzy Acar, Steve Rawlins
Lead Animator: Paul Griffin

Production Studio: Independent Films, Sydney
Animation Company: Garner MacLennan Design, Sydney
Director: Peter Cherry
Animator: Andrew Hellen, Simon Brewster, Peter Coleman, Kit Devine, Larry Townsend, Tim Quarry, Warren Sheppard
Visual Effects Director: Paul Butterworth

Bronze Awards

Variations on a Theme
Advertiser: Levi's For Women
Advertising Agency: Foote Cone & Belding, San Francisco
Production Studio: Susan Young, Ltd., London
Animation Company: Susan Young, Ltd., London
Director: Susan Young
Animator: Susan Young

Metal Man
Advertiser: University of Washington School of Public Health
Advertising Agency: Elgin DDB, Seattle
Production Studio: Elgin DDB, Seattle
Animation Company: Olive Jar Animation, Boston
Director: Shari Burk
Animator: Olive Jar Animation

Advertiser: Mainstay Mutual Funds
Advertising Agency: Working Class, New York
Production Studio: Wild Brain, Inc., San Francisco
Animation Company: Wild Brain, Inc., San Francisco
Director: John Hays
Animator: Jerry Van De Beek, Jim Sloyen
CGI: Little Fluffy Clouds, San Francisco

The Bears
Advertiser: Pepsi Cola Co./Pepsi
Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York
Production Studio: PYTKA, Venice,CA
Animator: Johnnie Semerad

Advertiser: Electrolux
Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London
Production Studio: Partizan Midi Minuit, London
Animation Company: Buf, Paris
Director: Eric Coignoux

Big Deal
Advertiser: Bell Atlantic Telephone
Advertising Agency: Draft Direct, New York
Production Studio: Blue Sky Studios, Inc.
Animation Company: Blue Sky Studios, Inc., Harrison
Director: Carlos Saldanhna
Animator: Ed Gavin, Steve Talkowski, Aimee Whiting

For a complete listing of winners refer to the Clio website:

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