Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.12, March 1998

Compliled by Wendy Jackson

Business: Toon Union Pickets Nick, Perpetrator Posts Private Pixar E-Mail, L.A. Mayor Brings Industry Execs To China, 7th Level Alums Form Zoom Cartoons, Universal Forays Into Features.

People: Musical Chairs, Menken Signs For a Decade at Disney, Loesch Joins Henson TV Unit.

Places: Simpsons House Winner Found, Rhythm & Hues Creates 3-D CGI Ridefilm.

Films:Toy Story 2 To a Theater Near You, Miramax to Release Mononoke, South Park Feature?, Manga Debuts General Chaos.

Visual Effects: Fx Affects.

Television: Vinton Making PJs For Fox, UPN to Bring Dilbert to Primetime, MGM Reveals Animation Slate, Clinton Virtually on MTV.

Commercials: Spotlight on bolexbrothers, Will Vinton Studios, The Ink Tank, SHERBET, Spin Productions, Brian Diecks Design, Charlex and Loconte Goldman Design.

Home Video: Fox Putting $100 Mil. Into Anastasia Video Release, The Brave Toaster Returns, What's Up, Doc-Umentary, Disney Sets Dates For Miyazaki And DTV Titles.

Licensing: WB On "Quest" For Licensees.

Technology: Tools Of The Trade, Houdini 2.5 Escapes!

Internet & Interactive: Quick Bytes.

Education: DHIMA Offers CGI Scholarship, SAS Papers Slate.

Call for Entries: Ottawa, Sinking Creek/Nashville, Zagreb Last Call!

Events: The World Summit On Television For Children, Imagina.

Awards: Oscar Noms Announced, Academy Honors Animators, New York Festivals.

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