Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.12, March 1998

Animation in Unexpected Places, April 1998

They use animation for that? This month, Animation World Magazine delves into laboratories, courtrooms, architecture firms, military installations, space and microspace to discover uses for animation where you probably never expected to find it. Silicon Graphics does a lot more than create life-like dinosaurs. We will profile this leader and discuss the many "other" sides of SGI. Wilson Lazaretti will tell us about his experiences teaching animation deep in the Amazon rainforest where electricity does not yet reach. Plus, Mark Langer will also enlighten us on what Disney has to do with atomic energy, General Dynamics and the USS Nautilus. We are also going to take a look at fan phenomena this month. Dominic Schreiber is going to reveal what elements our favorite shows have in common.

We will also feature an interview with Max Howard on the eve of the release of Quest for Camelot, Warner Bros. Feature Animation's first fully-animated picture. In addition, the UCLA Film and Television Archive will be profiled. In the way of event reviews and previews we have a gang of them this month. Rugrats Live, Nickelodeon's traveling stage show coming to a town near you, is reviewed by Ron MacFarlane. We will also hear reports on the Brussels Cartoon and Animated Film Festival in Belgium, MILIA International Content Market for Interactive Media in Cannes, France, and The Second World Summit on Television for Children being held in London. NATPE's AniFX, an event to take place in Los Angeles this May, will be previewed as well. Irene Kotlarz will review Manga Entertainment's new limited theatrical release, a collection of animated shorts entitled, General Chaos. And on the software side, Max Sims will review the tutorial video tape, Secrets of Softimage.

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