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Editor's note: The following is an example of a section of a production book created in the pre-production process of an interactive game. In particular, this page describes some of the rooms and props created for The Curse of Monkey Island. The following content is the copywritten property of LucasArts Entertainment.

The Curse of Monkey Island: Room list

© 1996 LucasArts Entertainment.

This is a rough breakdown of the SCUMM rooms that will be used in the game. In some cases a location will be broken up into several rooms based on puzzle requirement. However, we don't anticipate any difficulties from this process, as our room count is only at 53, and many of our previous adventure games had anywhere from 75 to over 100 rooms.

Introduction: Night/Sunrise
Room Description Objects
inventory you start with
  • helium balloon
  • deflated balloons
  • string
Cannon room,
LeChuck's ship-
contains cannon, Wally, and door to treasure hold
  • ramrod
  • Wally's hook
Cannon view,
LeChuck's ship-
Interactive cannon operator's view-
point, points toward fort and the longboats full of LeChuck's skeleton henchmen.
LeChuck's ship-
Reverse angle of cannon view, looking back at cannon and Guybrush peering out through hole. Shows waterline and floating debris.
  • cutlass
  • skeleton arm
Treasure hold,
LeChuck's ship-
It's got all the loot, a porthole, and the cursed diamond ring that starts the whole mess. There's a glass bottom, oh, and it's upside down because the ship has flipped and sank.
  • wooden nickels
  • cursed ring

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