Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.11, February 1998

The Art of Pre-Production, March 1998

This month we will scrutinize the work that goes on before animation begins...pre-production. The traditional pre-production process for a television show will be presented by Film Roman. LucasArts Entertainment Company will be investigated by Russell Bekins who will lead us through the gaming pre-production process. Karl Cohen will chronicle the life and career of Maurice Noble while Stephen Hagel is going to turn us onto the exciting world of...paper! Kirsten Winter will discuss how she incorporated music into the pre-production of her film Smash. We will also take a look at voice acting. Mae Questel will be profiled by Andrew Lederer and Kath Soucie, a leading voice actress, will take us through her typical busy week.

Event reviews will include Toy Fair in New York City, the International Content Market for Interactive Media (MILIA) in Cannes and the Brussels Cartoon and Animated Film Festival. Of course we will also feature extensive coverage of the World Animation Celebration being held in Pasadena, California. We will also review Piet Kroon's new film T.R.A.N.S.I.T. Book reviews will include Scott Maiko's take on Rick Goldschmidt's new book The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass. Harvey Deneroff's The Art of Anastasia will also be reviewed. And finally, this issue will include the very special feature of revered Disney greats, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, discussing with Charles Solomon, Pierre Lambert's book Pinocchio. On the software side of things, we will take a look at Real Flash from two different points of view. Bill Predmore of Pop! Multimedia will discuss using Real Flash from an artistic point of view while Pat Boyle of RealNetworks will discuss how Real Flash fits into the continually developing world of Internet broadcasting.

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