Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.10, January 1998

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by Wendy Jackson

Business: Microsoft And SGI Enter A 3-D Deal, Katzenberg, Disney Dispute Nears Settlement, Vinton To Work With Iwerks, HIT Has High Hopes For Home Video, Disney Makes A Splash In Japan.

People: Loesch Bids Farewell To Fox, Musical Chairs.

In Passing....Milt Neal.

Places: Is the Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Building a Historical Monument?

Films: Sundance Selections, DreamWorks Catches Aardman's Chicken Run, Pixar Plays Geri's Game.

Visual Effects: FX Affects includes Disney's Flubber, Fox's Alien: Resurrection, Rhythm & Hues, Digital Magic, Engineering Animation, Inc, Digital Artworks, Crawford Digital.

Television: Mickey Mouse Is Back!, Disney Toons In New, All-Animation Channel, An Insektors Christmas, Steven Spielberg Presents...Nickelodeon?, Brothers Flub To Land On Nick, Nicktoons To Speak Italian, Cartoon Net Greenlights Antonucci & McCracken Series, Beavis & Butt-head Are Dead, Spawn Of Spawn.

Home Video: Batman Flying Onto Home Video, Swords And Cleavage.

Commercials: Spotlight on Spots by (Colossal) Pictures, CHARLEX, Uli Meyer Animation, Fablevision Animation Studios, Mindflex Interactive & Entertainment, Renegade Animation.

Licensing: Get Your Nickelodeon Knick-Knacks Here!, Harvey's Heavy Into Licensing.

Books: DreamWorks Getting Into Books, Animated Reading.

Technology: Get "Real" Animation On The Web.

Education: New London School.

Call for Entries: VRML Contest, International Broadcasting Awards, New Kids Fest In Toronto, Singapore Animation Fiesta, Computer Animation Conference.

Events: Hubley Happenings at NYC MOMA, MIP Asia, Macy's Parade An Animated Affair.

Awards: Animators Behind Glass, CableACE Winners, London Advertising Awards, LEAF Winners.

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