Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.10, January 1998

Computer Game Thanks!
Thank you for Volume 2, Issue 9. I work in the gaming industry as a Softimage animator, but I have about twenty-four years experience in traditional stop-motion animation techniques. I especially enjoyed the article on the clay animation process being done at The Neverhood.

Tom Brierton

But Wait There's More
I am a lead artist at a game developer in the Los Angeles area and formerly of Electronic Arts. I think a couple of additions to your art tool list for interactive media is needed (
Samoff 2.9). For today's game artist, 3-D art tools are a necessity to stay competitive. Most studios are using 3D StudioMax, some Lightwave, and a few, Softimage and Alias packages. Experience with at least one of these packages is, for the most part, very important for someone trying to break into the industry.

Thank you and the entire AWN editorial staff for the information you provide,
Josh Book

Film "Reviews" Continued...
I would have to agree with my colleague at Disney that it was not right to have someone who worked for Fox review
Anastasia (Deneroff 2.8). I like Harvey Deneroff and feel that he is one of the best writers on animation out there, but this time around there was a conflict of interest. You know that the same people who hired him to do the book are probably reading his review of the movie.

The Hercules review by the Greek scholar was an amusing, humorous piece (
Rundin 2.4) but did not qualify as a film review. I found both reviews deficient, if for different reasons. Why not get Nicholas Radhzinsky (author of The Last Tsar) to write the review of Anastasia, commenting only on the film's fidelity to Russian history, and then have the authors of the Hercules art book review that movie? Both will be equally self serving and misleading to the readers. Film reviews should be about the film as a whole and should be done by people with no stakes in the matter. I hope that you can improve this one serious failing in your otherwise excellent magazine.

- Nancy Beiman

Okay, okay...We'll stop...trying to be clever and have more "straight" reviews. Pity, we had just located that lion tamer for The Lion King direct-to-video release...

On a serious note, thank you. Feedback from our readers about what works and what doesn't only helps us create a stronger magazine for everyone. We always welcome hearing which articles and themes people enjoyed and which they didn't.

Don Messick Memory
It is too bad
Don Messick passed away. He, like Frank Welker, did voices for hundreds of cartoons. His credits can be seen at the end of almost every cartoon. He did the voice of Scarecrow, in Challenge of the Superfriends, as well as other Superfriends cartoons. I wish the best for his family and friends.

- Anonymous

He will be missed...

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