Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.10, January 1998

Stop-Motion & Motion Capture, February 1998

Our February issue will look at both the oldest and the newest forms of 3-D animation: the art of stop-motion and the technology of real-time motion capture. Heikki Jokinen is journeying to Estonia to capture the 40th anniversary of the studio Nukufilm. Karen Raugust will reveal the minds behind Wallace and Gromit's licensing and marketing success while Barry Purves will give us his opinion on the state of the stop-motion industry. Also, have you ever watched a stop motion film and thought, "What did they use to do that?" Next month we will tell you some of our favorites from the big names of stop-motion. Medialab is going to lead us step by step through the high-tech world of motion capture. Plus, some thoughts on the theoretical issues raised by motion capture will be discussed by Gregory Peter Panos, founding co-director of the Performance Animation Society. As an added bonus, two pioneers from both fields will sit down to a dinner conversation.

This month's Student Corner is an article for which we know people have been waiting. Tom Brierton will discuss how to make armatures and where to get the necessary supplies.

NATPE will also be reviewed as will Karl Cohen's new book Forbidden Animation: Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators. This issue will also include a very special feature. Revered Disney greats, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston will discuss Pierre Lambert's book Pinocchio. Max Sims will also introduce Maya, Alias/Wavefront's anticipated new 3-D software.

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