Writer's Bios

Jerry Beck is Vice President Animation, Nickelodeon Movies. He is also an animation historian, whose most recent book was The 50 Greatest Cartoons (Turner Publishing).

R.O. Blechman pursues a dual career as an illustrator and as head of his own animation studio, The Ink Tank, in New York. Starting this fall, Stewart, Tabori & Chang will be publishing three of his books: The Life of Saint Nicholas, a reissue of The Juggler of Our Lady, and a contemporary retelling of The Book of Jonah.

Suzanne Buchan is a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Film Studies Department at the University of Zurich. Co-founder and Co-Director of the Fantouche International Animation Film Festival Baden/Switzerland, she is currently preparing a dissertation on animation.

Harvey Deneroff, in addition to his duties as Editor of Animation World Magazine, edits and publishes The Animation Report, an industry newsletter, which has taken over operation of the annual Ojai Animation Conference.

John R. Dilworth is a New York based independent filmmaker whose recent animated short, The Chicken From Outer Space, was nominated for an Academy Award.

Frankie Kowalski is Associate Editor of Animation World Magazine and is currently on ASIFA-Hollywood's Board of Directors.

Donna La Brecque is a Los Angeles-based actor and writer. She recently joined La Brecque Cie., a writing and strategy consultancy, and continues to trace her roots in theater and movement via popular culture.

William Moritz teaches film and animation history at the California Institute of the Arts.

Mark Segall is a writer who specializes in labor journalism and public service. He co-authored How To Make Love To Your Money (Delacorte,1982) with his wife, Margaret Tobin. This Fall, he will become Editor of ASIFA-East's aNYmator, newsletter, which he currently designs and writes for.

Gene Walz is head of the film program at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. He is currently finishing a biography on character designer Charlie Thorson and is now editing a book called Great Canadian Films.

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