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Nickelodeon, MTV Networks and Viacom Forms Alliance With Klasky Csupo -- MTV Networks, a division of Viacom, Inc., and parent of Nickelodeon, has formed a strategic alliance for television and feature film development and production with Klasky Csupo, Inc., the Hollywood-based studio known for such shows as Rugrats and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. The multiyear deal expands the company's affiliation with Nickelodeon to include MTV, Music Television, VH1 and other Viacom divisions, including Paramount Television, Paramount Pictures and Showtime. Klasky Csupo had previously been scheduled to produce a animated feature based on its popular Rugrats series for Nickelodeon Movies, for release by Paramount Pictures.

Disney Closes Colossal Development Deal -- Colossal Pictures and Walt Disney Television Animation have entered into a multiyear development and production pact. San Francisco-based Colossal, known for such shows as Liquid Television and Aeon Flux, will be exclusive to Disney for the creation and production of original televisions shows. The agreement covers a wide range of projects, both animated and live action, including television movies, series, mixed media, special effects and direct-to-video. Colossal President Drew Takahashi said, "We're extremely excited about working with the Disney family. Our companies share a passion for animation, both for its tradition and its unlimited potential."

Chromacolour Digital Palette To Be Used By USAnimation -- Hollywood-based USAnimation, Inc., a leading supplier of digital ink-and-paint software, has now made available the popular Chromacolour palette on its systems. Chromacolour International, based in London, is the world's largest supplier of traditional animation supplies, including paints. It had been expected that Microsoft Softimage would be first to gain use of the Chromacolour palette for its Toonz software, but apparently negotiations stalled and USAnimation was able to take advantage of the situation.

Manga Entertainment Announces Launch of U.S. Theatrical Division With Release of Cybertech Thriller Ghost In the Shell -- The film, from the producers of Akira, is based on the cyberpunk manga (comic books) by Masamune Shiro (Appleseed and Dominion), directed by Mamoru Oshii (Patlabor). It was co-produced by Kodansha, Bandai Visual and Manga, Inc. Ghost in the Shell explores one of the perennial themes of science fiction, i.e., the potential implications of artificial intelligence.

Macross Plus Volume 4 to be Released April 16, 1996 by Manga Entertainment -- Directed by Shoji Kawamori, the final chapter of Macross Plus, which claims to be the most expensive piece of video animation to come out of Japan, combines both traditional and computer animation. The first two volumes of Macross Plus were recently nominated by ASIFA-Hollywood for Annie Awards for Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Home Video Production.

Hearst Entertainment Producing 26 Episode Series Based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame -- Hearst Entertainment, based in Santa Monica, has announced that it will be producing The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo with Astral Programming Enterprises, Ares-Films and France 3. The animated series is scheduled for delivery this fall and is represented for distribution in the US by Hearst Entertainment and in Canada by Astral Distribution.

The British Short Film Festival -- Following the huge success of the last festival, which had over 3,000 entries, The 1996 British Short Film Festival will take place September 19­p;26 at UCI Plaza 2, off Piccadilly Circus, right in the heart of London's West End. In addition to such regular programs as "The Best of British: Atlantic Crossing" and "British and International Short Films," the festival will include a "Retrospective of Work from Australia," "Black and Asian Films From New York" and the latest "Experimental Work from France." For further details on the program and submission forms, please contact Sophie in the festival office at: 0181.743.8000 ext. 62222/62052.

First International Children Animation Festival to be held in Russia --The festival will take place in Nizhny Novgorod (a city 400 kilometers east of Moscow) from September 22-29, 1996. Supported by the Russian Cinematographists' Association, the Russian Animators' Association and the Russian Producers' Association, the festival is taking place during a special celebration for the 100th anniversary of Russian Cinema and the All-Russia Industrial Fair.

Brøderbund's Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis -- The big bad Bloats have taken over the Zoombinis' island home! Rescue them from impending disaster and lead them on an adventurous journey to a new homeland. At least so goes the pitch for Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, Brøderbund's newest CD-ROM adventure for children ages 8-12, which is designed to develop critical math skills. Part of Brøderbund's Active Mind Series, Logical Journey of Zoombinis is available at retail outlets for about $40.

Stormfront Studios Announces Tony La Russa Baseball 3: 1996 Edition -- This update to the award-winning CD-ROM simulation game is said to feature an improved interface, along with the latest rosters and stats. It will In addition, Tony La Russa Baseball 3:1996 Edition will be the first PC will be available at all major retail software outlets at a suggested retail price of $39.95.

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