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Headline News

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Rides Onto Nintendo 64 Platform

Activision Inc.'s TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 2 for Nintendo 64, currently available on North American retail shelves, allows players to skate as the legendary pro skater Tony Hawk, or one of 12 other skaters, and show off their skills in international skate parks including Marseilles, New York, Philadelphia and Skate Street in Ventura, California.

Film Headline News

Dream Theater Creates Intro Film For Activision Game

Dream Theater Animation has wrapped on an intro film for SUPERCAR STREET CHALLENGE, an upcoming racing game from Activision. The 2 1/2-minute film features eight exotic high-performance cars racing through recreations of three cities, Los Angeles, London and Monaco. The film was produced in Maya, 3D Studio MAX, AfterEffects and Adobe Photoshop. The first step of the production was the creation of a video animatic of existing stock footage and television races.

Film Headline News

$3.99 Will Buy You Paper Clips

Creative Forces, an Internet-based motion picture production company, has just released PAPER CLIPS, its first computer-animated short. The film profiles the adventures of a brave little paper clip that soon discovers the importance of teamwork and sticking together in the real world. PAPER CLIPS is now available to download for $3.99 from The price includes 24 hours of access for repeated viewings. A 3-minute trailer of the making of the film is available on the site for free.

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Spazzco Produces Eden’s Crush Animated Video

San Francisco-based Spazzco Animation has produced an animated music video for Love This Way, the latest single from the pop group Edens Crush. The video, rendered in a futuristic anime style, depicts the group as interplanetary travelers who touch down on an angry planet. Upon discovering unhappy alien residents, the five women of Eden's Crush get to work spreading their melodic, positive message and transforming the barren landscape into a lush paradise. The video can now be viewed exclusively at as part of the site's Web Premiere Toons program.

Disney Headline News

Disney Launches Chinese Website

Walt Disney Internet Group and SeaRainbow Holding Corporation have launched, The Walt Disney Company's official site in China. The Website includes content from Walt Disney's theme parks, movies and television units. Other content channels include Zeether, an area geared toward young teenagers, and Fun for Families, which offers activities designed for the entire family. In addition, offers online games and activities through an online subscription service called Disney's Blast.

Series Headline News

Where's My Shorts? BANJA, EL MACHO & THE LEGEND OF COWPAT has launched episode 8. In this episode, the aims of the Patchouli family have now become quite clear: they have come to Itland to search for a treasure that would be buried in the seabed. Their quest is based on a holographic treasure map, a legacy of an ancestor. But the hologram machine is broken, and Wampa is asking for help to repair it. . . .Director Jorge Gutierrez' EL MACHO has launched on for Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment. The series was created, written and directed by Gutierrez. Roman Laney served as the lead artist. . .

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Lanier & Dates Team On Day Off The Dead

Animators Lee Lanier and Jeffrey Dates have teamed on the animated short film entitled DAY OFF THE DEAD and have launched the official Website ( The site will detail the film's creation. DAY OFF THE DEAD features computer graphics and follows the humorous day-to-day adventures of souls as they struggle to get through the Afterlife. Lee Lanier is the award-winning animator and director behind MIRROR and MILLENNIUM BUG. Lee served as senior animator on ANTZ and SHREK. He is the founder of the animation firm BeezleBug Bit.

Brand Headline News

AtomShockwave Relaunches Sites With New Content

AtomShockwave has relaunched its Websites AtomFilms and The move is in hopes to quell rumors that the company is about to join the long list of dot-com disasters. New programming includes new games and an animated comedy series from Jim Belushi called THE GREEDY SHOW. The 2.0 versions of the sites will focus on AtomShockwave's long-term advertising and sponsorship deals with brand companies. These deals make up 70% of the company's revenue stream. An example of these deals is the one with Ford, where Ford's Focus automobile makes appearances in the Shockwave game, DJ FU.

Game Headline News

Microsoft To Include Discreet's Gmax In Dungeon Siege

Discreet and Microsoft have signed a second licensing agreement to create, publish and distribute Discreet gmax game packs in another title. The role-playing game DUNGEON SIEGE, developed by Gas Powered Games, is the next confirmed Microsoft game to include support for gmax software. The title is scheduled for delivery in 2002. gmax will allow users to create and modify their game content for unique and extended experiences. "This is the support that mod makers have been waiting for!

Media Headline News

Olsen Media Wraps On 13 Episode Web Series For Egmont

Santa Monica-based Olsen Media has finished production of 13 episodes of SOLVE THE MYSTERY, an interactive Flash-animated crime-puzzle for the Internet. The series has viewers aiding Police Inspector McClue and his dim-witted assistant, Alvin, in their efforts to solve a mystery or crime by mouse-clicking back and forth checking for suspects and clues. The Web series is produced in collaboration with Egmont, a multinational media company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and TV2 of Denmark.

Headline News

Where's My Shorts? Alkamy Phase 2, Capt Pointy, Drunky, Utica

The Sydney design and animation studio, alkamy has launched phase 2 of its Website, which includes 8 new works in the interactive section. Netizens can also catch new shorts featuring Dr. Leechfingers, who is the star of a series of short films alkamy has in development. Check it all out at Professional British cartoonist/animator Bill Greenhead was launched the new Flash toon CAPTAIN POINTY at his site Augenblick Studios' DRUNKY can be seen on

Game Headline News

THQ Unveils Next Generation Video Game Line-Up

THQ Inc. released its next generation game line-up for the 2001 holiday season. The titles include DARK SUMMIT, NEW LEGENDS and MX 2002 FEATURING RICKY CARMICHAEL for Xbox, RED FACTION for PC, and in conjunction with JAKKS Pacific Inc., WWF SMACKDOWN! JUST BRING IT for the PlayStation 2 and WWF RAW IS WAR for Xbox. In addition, THQ is also releasing numerous Game Boy Advance titles. DARK SUMMIT combines snowboarding action with an in-depth story line and mission-based objectives. NEW LEGENDS is a new fighting game set in a futuristic China where players can use two weapons at the same time.

Game Headline News

CDV Taps UDS For New Xbox Game

Scandinavian computer game developer UDS has signed a deal with German publisher CDV to develop CORE, a new game for Microsoft's Xbox. The order is the largest in the company's history. CORE is a zany action adventure game where players control a team of four characters, all inside a giant robot suit, on a strange journey to save New York. The game is expected to be released worldwide during 2003. The title will be developed by UDS' studio in Gothenburg, western Sweden.

Game Headline News

Doom Set To Debut On Game Boy Advance

id Software is bringing its classic shooter game, DOOM, to Game Boy Advance. The project is a joint development effort by id Software and David A. Palmer Productions. Published by Activision, Inc., DOOM for Game Boy Advance will allow gamers to battle horrific demons on the go. The handheld version features up-to-four-players support through the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable. "DOOM redefined gaming on the PC and now it's back to change the way we think about mobile games," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software.

Software Headline News

Sesame Workshop & Encore Enter Gaming Deal

Sesame Workshop and Encore Software have signed an exclusive, five-year deal to publish Sesame Workshop-owned gaming titles worldwide. Under the agreement, Encore Software will market, promote and distribute Sesame Workshop's SESAME STREET for PC and console platforms, and DRAGON TALES for PC. This year, new Sesame Workshop PC CD-ROMs will include two ELMO'S WORLD titles and two collections featuring SESAME STREET characters. In addition, DRAGON TALES: DRAGON LAND FESTIVAL and new SESAME STREET toddler and preschool titles will debut later this year.

Headline News

Diablo II Breaks Million Unit Mark

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that DIABLO II: LORD OF DESTRUCTION has hit the 1 million units mark. DIABLO II is only the sixth Blizzard title to hit the million-sold mark. In its first week alone, the game captured a record 17.7% of total U.S. PC game market share. "We are very pleased by the worldwide demand for DIABLO II: LORD OF DESTRUCTION," said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment president and co-founder.

Headline News

Where's My Shorts? Legendary, Mk Ultra 3, Monkey Head

A brief compilation of some recent short films and Webisodes. The Web series, LEGENDARY, begins as each character is drawn into a tale of a prophecy by a mysterious young woman. Despite their inhibitions, they find what they see difficult to disbelieve, although their skepticism may not be entirely unfounded. LEGENDARY can be found at New chapters are added twice weekly. MK ULTRA 3, a new Flash series at, follows the exploits of three young CIA agents as they battle international espionage and new mind control methods.

Headline News

Pulse Powers 3D Web Tour For NBC's Will & Grace

Pulse, a leading interactive, 3D media solutions company, has teamed with NBC to launch the "3D virtual tour" of NBC's WILL & GRACE. Fans can go to and tour photo-realistic 3D replications of the sets from the live-action comedy sitcom. The Website was designed using Pulse's proprietary software and partner REALVIZ's technology. The site also boasts the first photo-real site guide. Melinda Ritz, the set decorator for the television show, serves as "tour guide" and appears as a 3D, photo-real "virtual character" in the lower right corner of the screen at key times during the tour.

Headline News

Activision Gets Game Rights To Spielberg's Minority Report

Activision has been awarded the worldwide gaming rights to develop, publish and distribute interactive games based on Steven Spielberg's upcoming sci-fi film MINORITY REPORT. The deal with Fox Interactive and Dreamworks is for five years and covers all current and next generation consoles, the PC and handheld platforms. "MINORITY REPORT lends itself well to a wide variety of gameplay elements with intense futuristic storylines and gripping action-packed sequences," states Ron Doornink, president and COO, Activision, Inc.

Series Headline News

Where's My Shorts? Banja, Capbusters, Daft Punk & Ninjai

A brief compilation of some recent short films and Webisodes. EPISODE 7: NERVOUS BREAKDOWN has been posted at The fragile Zelia has a nervous breakdown and Banja care for her. has released three animated videos -- ONE MORE TIME, AERODYNAMIC and DIGITAL LOVE from Daft Punk, created by Japanese animator Leiji Matsumoto. The fourth video, HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER, will premiere on August 31. LEVEL13.NET has debuted THE CAPBUSTERS, a new action comedy Web series.

Media Headline News

Universal & Mondo Media Team On American Pie 2 Campaign

Universal Studios and Mondo Media have teamed on a multi-level ad campaign in support of AMERICAN PIE 2. The campaign consists of a blend of advertising and original content in a new advertising package called the Mondo Side Show. Ads will run on Mondo Web-syndicated Flash animation Mondo Mini Shows such as THUGS ON FILM, GARY THE RAT and ELMO AARDVARK OUTER SPACE DETECTIVE. Commercial content will include an interactive game, a viral marketing component, a commercial and mini Website.

Series Headline News

Turner Sports Taps Nancy Cartwright Web Series

Turner Sports Interactive has acquired the animated Web series THE KELLYS from SportsBlast, the animation production company founded by voiceover artist Nancy Cartwright (THE SIMPSONS). This deal marks the first major sale for SportsBlast, which creates sports-themed animation content. Webisodes will premiere exclusively on in September. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The Web series is a dramedy that explores the world of stock car racing, drivers, pit crews, sponsors and fans through the lives of the Kelly family, underdogs who race the NASCAR circuit.

Cartoon Headline News

Cartoon Network & AOL Team On Samurai Jack Promotion

Cartoon Network and America Online are teaming up to offer AOL subscribers an advance look at SAMURAI JACK, which premieres on Cartoon Network August 10. As part of the promotion, AOL members will get a sneak peek at the series premiere and a sweepstakes offering a trip to Japan. Subscribers will also get an advance look at first-edition action figures, play an online game, see rare behind-the scenes character model sheets and get background information about ancient Samurai traditions. The series is the story of a great warrior transported to the distant future by the evil wizard named Aku.

Series Headline News

Xbox Signs Three-Year Strategic Alliance With Vans

Vans Inc., the leading worldwide brand for Core Sports, has announced that Microsoft's Xbox will be a title sponsor of the Vans Triple Crown Series. The Series features athletes competing in three championship events in each of the following sports: skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, BMX and freestyle motocross. Xbox titled events include: the Xbox Pro of Freestyle Motocross, the Xbox World Championships of Skateboarding and the Xbox Pipeline Masters of Surfing, as well as ongoing sponsorship of the overall Vans Triple Crown Series.

Game Headline News

Take-Two Ships Max Payne For PC

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. has announced that MAX PAYNE, the new action PC game from its GodGames publishing subsidiary, has shipped to retailers in North America and Europe. The game was developed by Remedy Entertainment and 3D Realms. George Broussard, president of 3D Realms, said, "MAX PAYNE captures the mood and feeling of a classic film noir detective thriller and Remedy has crafted a movie quality script in the process. It's all about action, but there is a deep and rich plot here to uncover as you play.