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Series Headline News

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Bites Back On Xbox

Popular action series BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER has been transformed into a first-person combat game for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Taking on the role of Buffy Summers, fans of the TV series will enjoy progressing through the game, recognizing familiar characters and hang outs. Players can learn more than 50 fighting moves and polish their "slayer" abilities to gain experience and power. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER for the Xbox was developed by The Collective and is co-published by Electronic Arts and Fox Interactive.

Animation Headline News

Ghostgirl.Com, Where Popularity Is A Matter Of Life And Death

Independent filmmaker Tonya Hurley has launched, a new Website that introduces Charlotte Usher, an unpopular girl who wakes up dead one day and finds herself just as unappreciated in the world of the Great Beyond. The site, aimed at teens and tweens, features Flash animation, weekly comic strips, games, tips and quizzes. GHOSTGIRL is based on a story and screenplay by Hurley and was produced by JOHNNY BRAVO creator Van Partible. Hurley has written and directed numerous short projects, both animation and documentary.

Headline News

Focus’ FS454 Chip To Help Reduce The Cost Of Xbox

Focus Enhancements, a designer of proprietary video technology for the computer and television industries, has developed the FS454 TV-Out chip for Microsoft's Xbox, to assist in Microsoft's continuing effort to reduce the cost of its next generation video game system. In May 2001, Microsoft and Focus Enhancements began an OEM development program to produce low-cost TV-Out technology with fine text capabilities that would fit into the existing Xbox configuration, as part of a cost reduction effort.

Headline News

Midway Games Licenses AI. Implant For Action/Adventure Title

Game developer and publisher Midway Games Inc. has recently licensed BioGraphic Technologies recently released AI.implant SDK for an action-adventure game in production for next generation platforms. AI.implant is a powerful real-time interactive commercial artificial intelligence animation solution that enables digital content creators to create rich AI character interactions. "We are extremely pleased to have Midway as a partner," said Dr. Paul Kruszewski, president and founder of BioGraphic Technologies.

Animated Headline News

Bill Plympton Animates His New Feature Film Live On The Web

For the first time in animation and internet history, the public willbe able to watch an entire animated feature being drawn beforetheir eyes. On Monday, September 16, 2002, Bill Plympton will begin drawing hisnew animated feature, HAIR HIGH, and it will all be done live on theinternet. There will be a camera looking over Bill's shoulder, and from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (EST) everyday you can watch as he single-handedly draws hisnew animated extravaganza. The "ani-cam" will be available at More information to come!

Game Headline News

Sony Computer Entertainment Collaborates With Jet Li On New Video Game

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. is developing RISE TO HONOR (working title), an action-adventure game inspired by the cinematic styling of the Hong Kong action movie genre, exclusively for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. Sony Computer Entertainment's Foster City Studio will collaborate with action star Jet Li (THE ONE, KISS OF THE DRAGON, LETHAL WEAPON 4, SHAOLIN TEMPLE) on the game, which will immerse players into a series of lethal missions extending from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

Game Headline News

TDK Mediactive To Launch Robotech: Battlecry Collector's Edition

Interactive entertainment software publisher TDK Mediactive, Inc. will be issuing a Collector's Edition for the fall launch of the video game ROBOTECH: BATTLECRY, available on the PlayStation2, Xbox and GameCube game systems. Each limited edition box will be individually numbered, and include the ROBOTECH: BATTLECRY video game, the game soundtrack featuring re-recorded versions of the original series' music, a specially designed T-shirt, exclusive artwork including a lenticular motion card, and a Defense Force dog tag. "ROBOTECH is a strong property with a very big following.

Game Headline News

Farscape PC Game Ships

Simon & Schuster Interactive, in association with Jim Henson Interactive, a division of The Jim Henson Company, announced that their anticipated PC release FARSCAPE: THE GAME has shipped. Based on the hit Sci-Fi Channel show, and featuring voices of the cast members, the PC release of FARSCAPE: THE GAME will be available at retailers August 17, 2002. FARSCAPE: THE GAME is a 3D action game that incorporates CG models and sound effects taken from the series. In addition to the game arriving at retail,, the official Website of the game has launched.

Headline News

Take-Two Acquires Barking Dog Studios; Forms Rockstar Vancouver

Take-Two Interactive Software is expanding its Rockstar Games label with the formation of Rockstar Vancouver. Take-Two acquired Vancouver-based Barking Dog Studios, Ltd. for $3 million in cash and 242,450 shares of restricted common stock. Barking Dog will be renamed Rockstar Vancouver. Barking Dog Studios currently employs approximately fifty developers, and is working on a yet to be announced military video game to be published under the Rockstar brand, and will soon begin development on a second original video game title for Rockstar.

Studio Headline News

Stan Winston Studio And Midway Join Forces To Create Aliens

Stan Winston Studio and software publisher Midway Games Inc. have teamed to create an action-adventure videogame for next-generation consoles. The game, currently in development, is tentatively titled AREA 51 and is scheduled to ship in 2004. Stan Winston Studio will serve in a lead creative capacity in the development of the main alien enemies for the game, which takes three distinct characters on individual and cooperative missions in an attempt to unlock the extra-terrestrial mystery behind the titular Nevada desert locale.

Games Headline News

Take-Two Unveils Gotham Games

Take-Two Interactive Software,Inc. has formed Gotham Games, a new entertainment software publishinglabel, launched to specifically focus on publishing contentaccessible to consumers of all ages. All of Take-Two's softwareproducts for the PlayStation game console will be published under theGotham brand, along with a selection of upcoming titles to bepublished across multiple platforms. The company has named Take-TwoVP of publishing and business development Jamie Leece to head Gotham

Headline News

Infogrames Creates Videogames Based On Terminator Sequel

Infogrames, Inc. has signed a deal with producers C-2 Pictures and Intermedia to develop and distribute video games based on the third film in the TERMINATOR series, TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES, scheduled to be in theaters summer 2003. Through the agreement, Infogrames has secured the exclusive interactive rights for video games based on the property for all home video game consoles and the personal computer. Infogrames also secured the exclusive first option for interactive rights to any TERMINATOR 4 film through the deal, subject to certain conditions.

Headline News

Firaxis Licenses Netimmerse For Upcoming Game Titles

Maryland-based game development company Firaxis Games has licensed the NetImmerse 3D graphics engine and toolkit from software developer NDL to use on multiple future titles. Firaxis was founded in 1996 by veteran gaming executive Jeff Briggs and designer Sid Meier. The company selected the NetImmerse engine after extensively researching many different options, according to Mike Gibson, director of development for Firaxis.

Disney Headline News

Big Screen Disney Theme Rides Go Interactive

Interactive software publisher TDK Mediactive, Inc. has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Disney Interactive to create games based on two upcoming Disney films that take their premises from well-known Disneyland theme rides. First up is the HAUNTED MANSION, which will make its way to the big screen in 2003. The theatrical release of HAUNTED MANSION will be supported by TDK Mediactive on most major video game platforms in time for Halloween and the holiday season.

Game Headline News

Infogrames Releases Stuart Little 2 For CD-Rom

Debuting on PCscreens before hitting the big screen, the STUART LITTLE 2 game forCD-ROM from Infogrames, Inc. lets players in on action scenes fromthe STUART LITTLE 2 motion picture. The game also features a photogallery of still photos taken directly from the movie. NancyMacIntyre, vice president of marketing for Infogrames' Beverly Studiosaid, "We were very pleased with the performance of our first STUARTLITTLE CD-ROM game and are thrilled to be launching this new game in

Film Headline News

Sony Releases Two Game Titles Based On Lilo And Stitch

Twotitles based on Disney's latest animated feature LILO AND STITCH havebeen released by Sony Computer Entertainment America and DisneyInteractive, coinciding with the release of the film. DISNEY'S LILOAND STITCH is an interactive, action-platform game for thePlayStation game consoles and allows gamers to take on the role ofeither Lilo or Stitch and embark on an exciting Hawaiian journey,visiting many of the locations featured in the film. For thePlayStation 2, DISNEY'S STITCH: EXPERIMENT 626 is an action shooter

Cartoon Headline News

Kim Possible Comes To Life At Possible Worlds

New York basedPossible Worlds shares more than part of their name with Disney'slatest creation KIM POSSIBLE. The interactive animation studio hasturned the animated crime-fighting teenager into a live animatedcharacter through the use of their proprietary software, Kabuki.Disney's KIM POSSIBLE series debuted June 7, 2002 on the DisneyChannel, and the "live" Kim gave her first performance during aSatellite Media Tour broadcast from New York on June 12. Newscasters

Headline News

Animax Builds A Home For Weaver Beaver

Los Angeles-based digitalanimation studio Animax Interactive has teamed with entertainer DaveCoulier (TV's FULL HOUSE) and F3 Entertainment to bring the WEAVERBEAVER AND FRIENDS characters to life. Animax designed and developeda Website to support the release of two new kids' audio CDs featuringDave Coulier with WEAVER BEAVER AND FRIENDS. In addition to creatingthe Website, Animax was significantly involved in everything frominitial character development to the jacket design used on both CDs.

Game Headline News

THQ Unleashes Scooby-Doo On Game Boy Advance

THQ Inc. has released SCOOBY-DOO! for Game Boy Advance, based on the live-action/CGI movie coming to theaters on June 14, 2002. Players will explore locations featured in the movie, searching for clues to complete missions and ultimately, solve Spooky Island's big mystery. The environments for the game were inspired by actual movie stills and artwork. THQ will also be releasing SCOOBY-DOO! NIGHT OF 100 FRIGHTS, for PlayStation 2 and GameCube, later in 2002.

Game Headline News

Mill Lab Creates Interactive Game For BBCi

London's Mill Lab has been commissioned by BBC Interactive (BBCi) to create a new interactive game for SO, BBCi's Website for teens ( Based on the "Magic 8-Ball" game, ASK THE DJ was formulated by Mill Labs James Stone and John Sunter, and allows players to "ask the DJ" yes or no questions. This cool game, set in a nightclub, features a female house DJ and a male devil DJ who are battling each other for control of the turntables. The player chooses the style of music that gets played, from death metal to house, thereby deciding who wins and who gets kicked off.

Game Headline News

Holy Bat-Attack! Super-Fi Creates Web Game For TV Land.

Digital content and design studio Super-Fi has recently completed an original online game and a series of online trading cards for, the classic TV cable channel's Website. Both the game and the trading cards are part of's BATMAN Website, promoting the classic live-action series that originally aired from 1966-68. TV Land currently airs BATMAN daily at 7:00 pm. Super-Fi worked in collaboration with tvland.coms creative director Michael Gaylord and head producer Steven Wishnoff to ensure the aesthetic integration of the game and trading cards into the BATMAN site.

Game Headline News

THQ Ships First Star Wars: Episode II Game For Game Boy Advance

THQ Inc. has released STAR WARS: EPISODE II "ATTACK OF THE CLONES" for Game Boy Advance, the first game that follows the storyline of the latest prequel in the STAR WARS saga. Players assume the role of three different ATTACK OF THE CLONES heroes: Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi, while commanding Republic gunships, speeders and Jedi starfighters in space combat. Players must also wield their lightsabers in side-scrolling lightsaber battles against Jango Fett, Count Dooku and other enemies.

Game Headline News

NewKidCo Brings 2002 Line Up Out To Play

At the 2002 E3Expo, children's video game publisher NewKidCo International Inc. unveiled their 2002 line up of next generation games based on properties in their catalog of licensees. New video games scheduled for release in 2002 include: titles based on both TOM AND JERRY and E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL for PlayStation2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance; DORA THE EXPLORER: THE HUNT FOR PIRATE PIG'S TREASURE for Game Boy Advance; THE SUPER STOO-PENDOUS WORLD OF DR. SEUSS for Game Boy Advance; and MUPPET PINBALL MAYHEM for Game Boy Advance.

Games Headline News

TDK And Activision Bet On Shrek

TDK Mediactive, Inc. and Activision, Inc. have announced a strategic agreement to co-develop and co-publish video games. The companies have agreed that their initial collaboration will be based on TDK Mediactive's existing license to the sequel to DreamWorks Pictures' feature film SHREK. The first SHREK title to be released under this agreement is expected to launch on multiple platforms simultaneously with the theatrical debut of the SHREK sequel (currently scheduled for summer 2004).

Game Headline News

Ed, Edd N Eddy New For Game Boy Advance

Neighborhood friends ED, EDD N EDDY will soon be searching for jawbreakers on Game Boy Advance. Los Angeles-based videogame publisher Crave Entertainment has signed a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to develop a Game Boy Advance title based on the Cartoon Network series. The title is anticipated to ship in Fall 2002. The game will mirror the three friends' television quest to make money to buy jawbreakers. The object of the game is to help the Ed's win a contest whose grand prize is, of course, a lifetime supply of jawbreakers.