Born in Detroit, USA on 6/6/67, I soon developed an interest in the unusual. After getting a BA in English from the University of Michigan, I moved to Chicago where I met my fiancee, Selene. Since then, we've lived in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; and finally, San Diego, California! Thanks to this site and my years of experience in graphic design, I'm currently designing web sites for a living at OTVnet. Maybe someday I'll have the time to give this site the makeover it deserves.

"Animation of Heaven & Hell!" was started in Atlanta, because I was amazed at the lack of coverage on unusal stop-motion animators on the web. The site was first posted in October, 1995, and consisted only of pages for Ladislas Starewicz and Jan Svankmajer. The site was hosted for 1 1/2 years by my former employer in Atlanta, Imaging Technologies, until the friendly folks at the Animation World Network in Hollywood, USA gave us a new home. I hope you like it.


P.S.: The above picture was taken at Bonaventure Cemetary in Savannah, Georgia, possibly the most beautiful Southern-Gothic city on Earth. I would've liked to stay there, but the economy didn't allow it. The tomb pictured is from the 1920s, and the stuffed animal is, too, I believe. There are actually plants growing through it. It struck me as a very Brothers Quay -esque image. Below is a close-up of the "animal." Unfortunately, you can't see the plants. Fortunately, it hasn't followed me for this little exploitation (so far).