Seeking out little-known animation is much like surfing the web. You see one compilation, one or two directors really interest you, you look for more of their work, this usually leads to more compilations with yet more interesting directors, etc.

In my opinion, the most technically intriguing animation is done with 3-D puppets. These strange toons aren't simply drawn; they're built! You can actually TOUCH the sets, actors, etc., if you only knew where in the world they were. On film, we actually see "living" dolls, toys, etc., which, when well done, seem like they could easily be living among us, which may cause minor paranoia about small movements in the corners of our vision...

Welcome to one of my obessions! On this, my most ambitious web page: I offer you a look at animation that deserves to be better known. Come with me to worlds both beautiful and terrible, naive and intri cate. Curl up with the heavenly goodness and naivete of Art Clokey's Davey & Goliath or George Pal's Puppetoons, or be disturbed by the hellish visions of Jan Svankmajer and his "sons" The Brothers Quay. Better still, come back to the very beginning, with the amazing inventor of "puppet films", Ladislas Starewicz!

Surprisingly, I have found no other mention of any of these animators on the web. Most of this infor mation is based on my admittedly limited knowledge, since the work being discussed is not well-known enough for me to be able to find much research material. Clips and pictures are from my own collec tion. Public video availability, if known, is mentioned.

Check 'em out... and keep checking back for new quicktimes, artists, etc.

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