Davey Hansen

Davey is a fairly typical American kid. He doesn't care much for school, but is very imaginative. He talks with Goliath, but he is the only one who understands, much like Shaggy and Scooby Doo. In this case, however, Goliath is Davey's conscience, not his pig-out pal. Davey mostly just likes to play with Goliath and his human friends, but he usually ends up getting in trouble, often through his or his sister's fault. He eventually gains some great revelation regarding the problem of the day. Although he usually isn't truly BAD, in exemplary episodes such as "The Hard Way" and "Louder Please" he is such a brat you just want to choke him!


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Davey's almost constant companion, Goliath usually follows Davey to school; at home, sometimes he sleeps inside, sometimes outside, depending on what suits the story. Goliath has the mind of a much younger child than Davey, and his constant questioning gives Davey a chance to explain to the viewers why people act in the way they do, and why they sometimes should act differently. Goliath will fiercely protect Davey and his family (to a point), hates most cats, and gets scared fairly easily.
Such is their attachment, I hate to think of what would have happened to Davey when Goliath died of old age. It would be kind of like Siamese twins separating.

Family and Friends

Sally Hansen

The typical interfering pest younger sibling, Sally often does really dumb things which Davey has to account for, but Davey just as often would have done them first if she hadn't.

Mom and Dad Hansen

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A typical Cleaveresque set of TV parents, but Dad looks a lot like the original painted-hair G. I. Joe and preaches even more than Ward Cleaver. In the one set of puppet designs, Davey looks bigger than his parents! Mom's head changed substantially in the same evolution. Dad drives some really cool jeeps, adding to his G.I. Joe-ness.

Jonathon Reed

Davey's best friend, Jonathon is black, which only becomes an issue in "Different". This was truly progressive for the time, when real black characters, not to mention puppets, were quite rare on TV. His mom looks exactly like Davey's mom (even the same hair), but black. His father is a pharmacist (his store is "Reed's Drugs") for whom the boys sometimes work. Hal Smith, voice actor who does Jonathan's voice also does that of Davey's father, and sometimes they sound exactly alike. Jonathon appears in many episodes.

Officer Dan (a/k/a Officer Bob)

Officer Dan appears in many episodes, almost always when Davey goes "downtown". In "Help!" he saves Jonathan's life! He enjoys hot dogs with Goliath. In a few episodes, his name is inexplicably changed to "Officer Bob".


A somewhat paranoid, reactionary boy with whom Davey plays on occasion. When Jimmy is around, small misunderstandings often escalate into trouble, such as in "The Shoemaker", where he mistakenly concludes that a Frenchman is swearing at him and is holding hostages in the back of his shop.


Teddy is "the shy boy with glasses" who is afraid of dogs, including Goliath! His character evolves from new kid in school to an old friend as the series progresses.

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