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Headline News EA Licenses Autodesk HumanIK Middleware

Autodesk Inc. has licensed HumanIK middleware to Electronic Arts. Autodesk HumanIK is a customized development library that enables animated game characters to interact more realistically with digital environments. Dynamically and accurately porting animation data from the authoring environment into the game engine gives developers increased flexibility in animating the game with more realistic, realtime results.

Headline News ReelTime Partners with Lionsgate for Streaming VOD

ReelTime Rentals will provide movies from Lionsgate for rental by streaming download on the website.

ReelTime customers may point, click and watch blockbuster and critically acclaimed Lionsgate films, like SAW III, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, CRANK, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, DR. T AND THE WOMEN, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and more than 200 other titles. The end user may access full screen DVD-quality video, without buffering or distortion.

Headline News Eyetronics Creates 3D Scans for Mass Effect Game

Eyetronics provided 3D scanning for the new science-fiction action and RPG game MASS EFFECT. Created by BioWare, the commercially and critically acclaimed developer of JADE EMPIRE and STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC, the hotly anticipated MASS EFFECT, an Xbox 360 title, promises to deliver an immersive, story-driven gameplay experience with stunning cinematic impact, advanced virtual acting and realtime tactical combat.

Headline News Epic Games Announces Plans For 2007 Game Developers Conference

Epic Games reveals that it will be demonstrating the latest Unreal Engine 3 features at GDC 2007 in closed door presentations, as well as having its usual multiple speaker sessions, dedicated space in the Career Pavilion (CP 1502), special press sessions for the industry's media and a pre-GDC seminar for Unreal Engine 3 licensees.

Headline News EA Ships The Sims 2 Seasons

Electronic Arts has shipped THE SIMS 2 SEASONS as a PC expansion pack building on the celebrated THE SIMS 2 experience that allows players to create and control virtual characters throughout their lives while determining the outcome of their relationships and choosing their destiny. Because each season unfolds differently, players are guaranteed a fresh experience year after year.

Headline News LightWave 3D Selected For Virtual British Library Project

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 12:00am

NewTek Inc. announced that LightWave 3D was the 3D centerpiece in the production of an initiative by the British Library to make a number of selections from its collection available to the public that may not be able to visit it's halls via the Internet. Dubbed Turning the Pages 2.0, this project has already made a number of priceless works available to the web-browsing public, including a personal notebook of sketches named the Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinci purchased by Bill Gates in 1994 for $31 million.

Headline News NaturalMotion Partners With Rockstar Games

NaturalMotion announced a partnership with publishing label Rockstar Games Inc. to integrate NaturalMotion's euphoria engine into upcoming next-gen Rockstar titles.

Based on NaturalMotion's DMS technology, euphoria uses the processing power of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to simulate the human body and motor nervous system, thus creating fully interactive game characters that act differently every time. With euphoria, games move away from canned animation, toward a much richer, life-like experience that is unique to the player.

Headline News Comedy Central Launches Late-Night Series Web Shows

Comedy Central will premiere the first of six episodes of WEB SHOWS, a new on-air half-hour late-night series featuring all original broadband programming from and AtomFilms on March 5, 2007, at 2:00 am with encores on Thursday nights at 2:00 am.

This is Comedy Central's first on-air collaboration with AtomFilms, which are both are divisions of MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom.

Headline News Amp'd Mobile Launches Original Series Lil' Hollywood

As the highly-anticipated follow-up to the Amp'd Mobile original animated series and new Comedy Central series, LIL' BUSH, Amp'd Mobile announced the launch of its newest made-for-mobile animated series, LIL' HOLLYWOOD. The parody series will follow the pint-sized adventures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities as they try to get through their day-to-day lives, which we all know is no small task.

Headline News SCI FI & Virgin Comics Team on Multimedia Banner

The SCI FI Channel is teaming up with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Comics to create a co-branded multimedia partnership called SCI FI/Virgin Comics.

SCI FI/Virgin Comics will develop fresh properties that integrate the unique spirit and vitality of both brands. Original concepts will be considered across all mediums from publishing, film and television to digital and gaming. Five new comicbook titles will serve as a jumping off point.

Headline News Family Guy Goes Up Late Oscar Night With Rob Corddry

A 10-minute Flash-animated promotional webisode, UP LATE WITH STEWIE & BRIAN, will stream free on MySpace in a talk show parody Feb. 25, 2007, at 8:00 pm. From the Quahog Community Center, its UP LATE WITH STEWIE & BRIAN, features host Stewie Griffin and his martini-swilling sidekick Brian, an all-star FAMILY GUY band and a special appearance by celebrity guest Rob Corddry, plugging his new FOX comedy series, THE WINNER.

Headline News Cartoon Network New Media Creates Mobile Ap CallToons

Cartoon Network New Media has created CallToons, a new mobile application integrating smart technology with entertainment, enabling CN characters to take over a mobile phone. Using patent pending technology, CallToons creates an unparalleled user experience that replaces ordinary mobile phone functions (such as ringtones and wallpapers) with an entertainment platform provided by the users favorite character. At launch, CallToons will feature characters from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and will be offered as separate services for each brand.

Headline News Time Inc. & Brightcove Partners for Internet Video Initiative

Time Inc. and Brightcove, an Internet TV pioneer, announced a corporate-wide partnership that will enable Time Inc. to launch ad-supported Internet video channels on its websites.

By adopting the Brightcove Internet TV service on a corporate-wide basis, Time Inc.'s popular brands will be able to reach users with its award-winning editorial content and create compelling broadband experiences through video and multimedia distribution.

Headline News Kabillion Debuts Bobby's World-themed Valentine's Day E-greetings

Coming on the heels of an appearance on the NBC primetime game show, DEAL OR NO DEAL, on Monday night (Feb.12, 2007), Kabillion, the new multiplatform, kids' program service, has introduced a series of new BOBBY'S WORLD-themed Valentine's Day e-greetings featuring the popular animated Bobby character.

Headline News Crave Ent. Powerslides Into Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2

Crave Ent. announced the follow up to the popular street racing series, TOKYO XTREME RACER DRIFT 2 for the PlayStation 2.

With the mysterious disappearance of the reigning champion, the tournament crown is suddenly up for grabs. Players race in the picturesque mountains of Japan - Hakone, Niko, Haruna and Akagi - all faithfully recreated using the most advanced laser techniques to maintain every tight twist and hazardous turn. Gamers can enter their car in sanctioned races held during the day for money and enter at night to defeat your bitter rivals.

Headline News Konami Announces 2007 Titles Including Next-Gen Dance Dance Titles

Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. announced new titles and additional details for its 2007 lineup. This year's roster will boast the latest versions of legendary franchises such as WINNING ELEVEN as well as the company's first next generation music title, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION UNIVERSE for Xbox 360 as well as DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION HOTTEST PARTY for Wii. For handheld systems, new titles include: CASTLEVANIA: THE DRACULA X CHRONICLES for the PSP and TIME ACE for the Nintendo DS.

Headline News February Is Teen Online Safety Awareness Month On Habbo

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 12:00am

Sulake Corp., parent company of HABBO, has made February 2007 Teen Online Safety Awareness Month for North America. HABBO will also feature various safety awareness programs on its international sites, which are featured in 29 countries. As part of the effort, HABBO will include special promotions, information sources and interactive activities highlighting online safety awareness.

Headline News YouTube Promotes Meet the Robinsons During Super Bowl

A new YouTube Channel for MEET THE ROBINSONS has launched with the latest trailers and clips, including a new TV spot for the film that is debuting during this Sunday's Super Bowl. Fans can check back often, as this channel will be updated regularly with the latest videos for the film. The MEET THE ROBINSONS' YouTube Channel is located at and the official MEET THE ROBINSONS movie site is

Headline News Bud.TV Thirsty for Sci-Fi Afterworld

Anheuser-Busch's new online entertainment network, Bud.TV, has greenlit an animated sci-fi series called AFTERWORLD, according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Stan Rogow Prods., who produces Disney Channel's LIZZIE MCGUIRE and Discovery Kids' DARCY'S WILD LIFE, will produce.

The CG series of 130 two-minute episodes will take place on Earth after 99% of the population strangely vanishes and technology has become inoperable. An interactive website, Afterworld.TV, will allow viewers to learn more about the story.

Headline News Showtime Networks in Venture For 3D Broadband Game Service

Showtime Networks and Broadband Libraries have formed a joint venture, On Broadband Networks, a turnkey, fully integrated, private label broadband game service for cable modem and DSL high-speed access providers. The service is scheduled to launch the second quarter of 2007.

With homes with high-speed broadband connections at an all time high of 50 million households and the game market generating revenues of $9 billion and growing, On Broadband is poised to help cable and telecom companies easily tap into this market segment.

Headline News World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Shatters Day-1 Sales Record

Blizzard Ent. announced WORLD OF WARCRAFT: THE BURNING CRUSADE broke the day-one sales record to become the fastest-selling PC game ever in North America and Europe, with a worldwide total of nearly 2.4 million copies sold in the first 24 hours of availability on Jan. 23, 2007. THE BURNING CRUSADE, the first expansion set for WORLD OF WARCRAFT, was simultaneously released in North America, Europe, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia on January 16, and on January 17 in Australia and New Zealand.

Headline News So-net & GDH Announce Capital Tie-Up

So-net Ent. Corp., a leading Internet service provider, and GDH K.K., an international media company, have agreed to a capital partnership where they will collaborate business operation in the continuously growing animation market.

Headline News Heartwood Studios to Create 3D Visualization of New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys have commissioned Heartwood Studios to create all 3D visualization marketing collateral and a 3D Web Ticketing Engine for the new Cowboys Stadium, scheduled for completion in 2009.

The scope of the project will include: 3D incorporation of aerial footage shot by helicopter, exclusive renderings of luxury box suites and more than 525 separate views of the stadium from various vantage points, including seats, the concourse and suites.