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Headline News E3 News: NVIDIA & Epic Games Show Off Unreal Engine 3

NVIDIA Corp. and Epic Games announced the first public showing of the new game engine Unreal Engine 3 at this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Unreal Engine 3 is the first game engine to take full advantage of Shader Model 3.0 -- a key feature of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 -- enabled only by the NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series of graphics processing units (GPUs). Created by Epic Games, Unreal Engine 3 advances lighting and shadowing capabilities, shader effects and editing tools.

Headline News JAKKS Pacific Signs Star Wars TV Games License

Malibu, California-based JAKKS Pacific Inc. announced that it has signed a worldwide license with Lucasfilm Ltd. to produce TV Games products based on the STAR WARS franchise. The STAR WARS TV Games lineup is slated to launch in fall 2005, and is expected to retail for approximately $20.

Headline News MOTIONBUILDER Sets Production Pace for ToCA Race Driver 2 Game

Codemasters, the U.K.-based computer and videogame developer and publisher, used Kadaras MOTIONBUILDER to produce TOCA RACE DRIVER 2: THE ULTIMATE RACING SIMULATOR. Codemasters was able to save tremendous production time and money on its latest dynamic game due to MOTIONBUILDER's extremely fast realtime interaction, robust tools (such as control rigs and motion blending) and seamless integration with other 3D packages.

Headline News Activision Releases Shrek 2 the Videogame

Can't you wait to see DreamWorks' SHREK 2 movie, you can play the videogame now from Activision, available on PlayStation2, Xbox or GameCube for a suggested retail price of $49.99. The Game Boy Advance and PC versions are available for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Headline News Players Can Slip Into Hef's Slippers in Playboy Videogame

The new videogame, PLAYBOY: THE MANSION, from Groove Games and ARUSH Entertainment, published under license from Playboy Enterprises, will be available on the PlayStation2 for the 2004 holiday season.

Under development at Cyberlore Studios, PLAYBOY: THE MANSION combines intriguing social interaction, party-throwing simulation and empire- building challenges in the gaming experience. This marks the marks Playboy's entry into videogame.

Headline News Hash Launches Site For A:M Films

Hash Inc. has created the A:M Films Website as a repository of animations created with its 3D character animation software Animation:Master. A:M Films can be viewed in any web browser that supports QuickTime at

Headline News U.S. Army Licenses Training Game to Ubisoft

The U.S. Army has struck a deal with French gaming firm Ubisoft to bring its combat training game to Xbox and PlayStation 2, reports the AP. This new development pact will be an offshoot of the Army's popular multiplayer online PC game, AMERICA'S ARMY, which was launched in 2002. The videogame is scheduled to hit shelves in late 2005 or early 2006.

Headline News Hippo Works Signs Web Deal With AOL

America Online has contracted Denis Thomopoulos of Hippo Works to transform his comic strip, IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE! into weekly cartoonlets. Highlighted by environmentally conscious messages, the Webtoons feature the comic adventures of Simon the Hippo, Peep the Bird and friends. is a leading environmental 'edutainment' company. In addition to AOL, clients include ConEdison, EarthDayNY, The Lightspan Network, Whole Foods, and For more information visit or contact

Headline News Pokémon To Debut on Game Boy Advance Video

Entertainment becomes more accessible at a lower price as consumers can leave their portable DVD players at home to enjoy episodes of POKÉMON on Nintendos portable Game Boy. No additional hardware purchase is required to view POKÉMON shows on standard game cartridges.

Headline News Acclaim Ships Alias Game For PlayStation 2 and Xbox

Acclaim Ent. Inc. and Buena Vista Interactive they have shipped ALIAS for PlayStation2 and Xbox for a suggested retail price of $49.99. Based on ABC's hit television series, ALIAS is a third-person action adventure that allows players to step into the role of the series' lead character, Sydney Bristow (played by Jennifer Garner), an agent for the CIA.

Headline News Gaming Surgeons Have Steadier Hands

Seek a surgeon that likes to play videogames and odds are the doctor is less likely to make a mistake. The Associated Press reports that in a recent study, researchers found that doctors who spend at least three hours a week playing videogames made about 37% fewer mistakes in laparoscopic surgery and performed the tasks 27% faster than their counterparts who did not play videogames.

Headline News Classic Media Signs Licensing Deal with Movielink

Classic Media and its affiliate, Bullwinkle Studios, have signed a licensing deal with Movielink the broadband video-on-demand (VOD) service, to create a "Cartoon Classics" section on As part of the deal, Movielink will make more than 350 half-hours of classic cartoon programming available for download. Under the terms of the agreement, consumers can download episodes of ROCKY & BULLWINKLE & FRIENDS, CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST, FELIX THE CAT, DICK TRACY and MR. MAGOO. From April 2-15, Movielink will offer a 25% discount on all rented Classic Media titles.

Headline News THQ Announces Nicktoons 2004 Game Lineup

THQ Inc. has secured the Nicktoons videogame license across multiple platforms. Games based on Nickelodeon's upcoming theatrical release THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE and interactive versions of Nickelodeon's highly rated television series THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS and THE ADVENTURES OF JIMMY NEUTRON BOY GENIUS will ship for all major game systems in 2004. Additionally, THQ will release games based on the NICKTOONS brand, in which all Nickelodeon characters co-exist and interact with each other.

Headline News FUNimation Uses Mirror Image Muscle to Beef Up Websites

Mirror Image Internet, a leading adaptive network for online content, application and transaction delivery, announced FUNimation Prods. has selected Mirror Image's complete portfolio of solutions to bring the company's animated series to the Net. Since implementing Mirror Image's Content Delivery, Streaming Media and Web Computing solutions on,,,, and, FUNimation has reduced infrastructure costs and increased site traffic speed by 30%.

Headline News Perky Pickle Studios Game For Crash Bandicoot

Now entering the world of gaming, Perky Pickle Studios has wrapped up creative consultant work on the concept and design of Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games), new CRASH TWINSANITY game, which will be available for PlayStation2 and X Box in the third quarter of 2004. Perky Pickle Studios was hired to integrate comedic story and situations into the game-play.

Headline News LucasArts Signs Multi-Title, Multi-Platform Agreement With IGN/GameSpy

LucasArts and IGN/GameSpy have signed a multi-title, multi-platform technology licensing agreement to facilitate online gameplay for titles developed by LucasArts' internal and third-party teams. Titles already scheduled to have technology embedded include: STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT PC, STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT PS2 and STAR WARS: REPUBLIC COMMANDO PC. IGN/GameSpy will supply LucasArts four distinct Software Development Kits (SDKs) toolkits that integrate with the company's games to provide matchmaking, community, administrative and networking functionality.

Headline News Warner Bros. Launches Interactive Scooby-Doo 2 Website

Warner Bros. Online has launched the new SCOOBY-DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED Website (, containing new interactive features. The new live-action feature will be released in theaters on March 26, 2004. Additionally, the overall SCOOBY-DOO brand site ( is re-launching with a new look adding special games, showcase, Scooby Snacks and Scooby store sections.

Headline News MTV Networks Europe & Motorola Team On New Mobile Content

MTV Networks Europe has announced that Motorola will be the exclusive provider of further MTV-created wireless content, including MTV GIMPS -- a freakish family of downloadable characters. In addition, MTV MIDNIGHT MASH is the new viral e-mail game, which was launched in support of the current MTV Motomash events, taking place across Europe until May 2004.

Headline News Peak Ent. Announces Licensing Agreement With Radica UK

Peak Entertainment Holdings Inc. has announced a licensing agreement with Radica Games Ltd. for Peak's MONSTER IN MY POCKET characters for Radica's Skannerz handheld products. Launched in 2001, Skannerz handheld device scans the UPC code of consumer products, allowing users to download monsters, magic potions and weapons to use in battle.

Headline News Sony Pictures Mobile Announces New Spider-Man 2 Mobile Products

Sony Pictures Mobile has announced its roster of mobile entertainment products inspired by this summer's SPIDER-MAN 2. The premium mobile entertainment products will be available in the United States exclusively to Sprint PCS Vision customers for a limited time beginning in May.

Headline News Cartoon Network Launches Online Trading Card Album

Cartoon Network Latin America has introduced "Who Knew? The Cartoon Paparazzi Album," where fans can collect and trade cards with paparazzi pictures of several of their favorite Cartoon Network characters. The series will feature 32 trading cards (10 of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, 10 of CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR, 6 of THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY and 6 of ED, EDD, N' EDDY). They will be available March 26 through April 30, 2004 at

Headline News Danny Elfman to Do Music For Xbox's Fable

Microsoft Game Studios has announced that musician Danny Elfman has composed the theme for the upcoming Xbox role-playing adventure game, FABLE. Elfman, three-time Academy Award-nominee and Grammy Award winner, is best known for his soundtrack work which includes CHICAGO, BATMAN, SPIDER-MAN, MEN IN BLACK, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and BEETLEJUICE. For his work on FABLE, Elfman worked with a hand-picked orchestra and recording team.

Headline News Cartoon Network & AOL's 'Project Goldmaster' Offers Gaming Deal

Taking a page from Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's PROJECT GREENLIGHT, Cartoon Network and America Online have joined together to offer one up-and-coming game developer the opportunity to create an online game featuring a popular Cartoon Network character in the first 'Project Goldmaster' program. As part of the Independent Games Festival (IGF), 10 finalists will be selected to compete to win the top honor to develop an online game for's Power Play Games area.

Headline News Sony Celebrates EverQuest 5th Anniversary with New Book Deal

As part of its celebration of the massive multiplayer online game EVERQUEST, Sony Online Entertainment Inc. has announced a deal with CDS Books that will bring the EVERQUEST universe to print in a series of novels edited by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novelist R.A. Salvatore. The novels will be published several times a year (beginning with summer 2004) using a selection of characters and settings from the award-winning game.