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Frederator Headline News

Frederator To Podcast Public Domain Toons

Frederator Studios has launched ReFrederator (, the worlds first daily vintage cartoon video podcast.

ReFrederator will feature classic cartoons from the public domain such as Bugs Bunny, Mighty Mouse, Daffy Duck, Betty Boop, Little Lulu, Porky Pig, Donald Duck and Felix the Cat, as well as fairy tales and musicals. Every 7-9 minute podcast will feature a short-form classic cartoon and promotional packaging and branding from ReFrederator. New episodes will appear daily Monday through Friday, grouped into weekly themes.

Anime Headline News

Geneon Ent. Brings Popular Anime Titles To Podcasts

Following its recent success in the portable community with the release of its anime titles on UMD, Geneon Ent. has expanded into the ever-growing world of podcasting. Featuring trailers and television commercials that include the popular superhero series VIEWTIFUL JOE and the gritty samurai series SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, Geneon Ent. will be adding three new podcast streams each week on iTunes, and will soon expand the content to include behind-the-scenes features, sneak previews and exclusive footage only available through the podcast.

Season Headline News

Ubisoft to Offer Interactive Open Season Videogame

Ubisoft announced that the OPEN SEASON videogame, based on Sony Pictures Animation's first feature-length 3D-animated movie (opening Sept. 29), will ship mid-September on all available videogame platforms. Developed by Ubisoft's award-winning Montreal studio, OPEN SEASON will allow gamers to relive the humor and adventure of the movie by creating a fun and immersive interactive world that conveys the same comedic storyline, zany characters and artistic images projected in the animated film.

Comedy Headline News

Comedy Central & IFILM Launch Test Pilots Broadband Development Deal Contest

Comedy Central is partnering with IFILM to launch," Comedy Central's Test Pilots," an online competition in search of the next big broadband show. Would-be show creators will get the opportunity to submit one to five-minute pilots to with the winner receiving a development deal on Comedy Central's broadband channel, "MotherLoad." Live action, animation, sketch or hidden camera any format is acceptable.

Game Headline News

Justice League Heroes Website Launched

Warner Bros. Interactive Ent. has launched the new JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES site

The highly anticipated Xbox, PS2 and PSP game features the all-time most popular super hero group from the DC Comics universe including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Zatanna.

Headline News

Verizon Makes V CAST Deals with Turner & AtomFilms

From CTIA Wireless 2006 in Las Vegas, Verizon Wireless has announced content deals for its V CAST service with Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) as well as AtomFilms.

For the Turner deal, V CAST customers can view content from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on their V CAST-enabled phones.

Mobile Headline News

Family Guy Flies Higher With New Mobile Game

Airborne Ent. announced the summer release of FAMILY GUY: AIR GRIFFIN, the newest addition to the FAMILY GUY suite of mobile content. The game centers around Peter Griffin, the patriarch of FOXs Emmy-nominated animated series, who has just spent Meg's college fund on a medieval catapult in an attempt to break the record for the longest freeform human flight. Peter's counting on friends like Quagmire, his family members like Stewie, Brian, Meg and Lois, and players to help him reach his goal.

Game Headline News

The Wild Ventures onto Game Boy Advanced

Buena Vista Games Inc. announced Walt Disney Pictures Presents THE WILD for the Game Boy Advance is now available at retail outlets across North America. A videogame adventure that will test kids' animal instincts, THE WILD is inspired by the upcoming animated feature film of the same name from Walt Disney Pictures, which hits theaters on April 14, 2006. The game features Samson the Lion and Benny the squirrel, who must leave their pampered lives and set out on an adventure to save Samson's son, Ryan, who accidentally gets shipped from the New York City Zoo to the wild.

Films Headline News

BroadRelay & Films By Jove Ink Deal to Broadcast Russian Animation Online

BroadRelay Inc. announced that it has signed a one-year deal with Films By Jove (FBJ) to broadcast FBJ's Russian animation online. The animated series will be added to BroadRelay's existing slate of online programming under the SIVOO brand name (

Headline News

Gameloft Game for Sony Pictures Animation Mobile Deal

Gameloft announced an agreement with Sony Pictures Digital to develop, publish and distribute mobile games based on OPEN SEASON, the first CG animated feature from Sony Pictures Animation, as well as future Sony releases.

Games Headline News

Curious Pictures & gameLab Partner for Online Game Development

Casual gaming leader gameLab has entered into an agreement with Curious Pictures to partner on the creative development and production of downloadable online games. Their first joint project will be a game tentatively titled BRENDAS BRAIN, which combines a playful and contemporary visual look with the more adult subject matter of neuroses and psychological quirks.

Kids Headline News

Nelvana's Jacob Two-Two Breaks onto AOL’s KOL

American kids on the AOL KOL service will now get the chance to watch Nelvana's JACOB TWO-TWO. As its first English-language U.S. distribution deal for this property, Nelvana took an unconventional approach by tapping the growing online medium to showcase its popular cartoon.

Textures Headline News

Naked Sky Ent. & Allegorithmic Announce Deal to License ProFX for RoboBlitz

Naked Sky Ent. announced that it has licensed Allegorithmic's ProFX procedural texture authoring and rendering system for its upcoming title ROBOBLITZ, expected to be one of the first Unreal Engine 3 titles to ship on Xbox 360 Live Arcade and the PC.

Headline News

Capcom Releases Mega Man Powered Up For PSP

Capcom released MEGA MAN POWERED UP for the PSP. The original MEGA MAN, which was originally released on the Nintendo Ent. System, undergoes a complete transformation in MEGA MAN POWERED UP. The title features a totally redesigned look and feel, combined with new gameplay options. MEGA MAN POWERED UP is rated E for everyone by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and is now available at retailers across North America.

Square Headline News

Kingdom Hearts II Launch See Stars

Square Enix Inc. and Buena Vista Games hosted star-studded launch party at Wolfgang Puck in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles on March 23, 2006, to ramp up for highly anticipated release of KINGDOM HEARTS II videogame, which ships on March 28. KINGDOM HEARTS II is the sequel to KINGDOM HEARTS, one of the top 10 best-selling PlayStation 2 titles of all time in North America.

Dreamworks Headline News

DreamWorks Animation Site Revamped

DreamWorks Animations website has been redesigned. The revamped site includes new info on upcoming projects such as OVER THE HEDGE, SHREK THE THIRD and the MADAGASCAR sequel.

Features include: * an Animation 101 on how we make movies;* an exclusive interview with the producer and directors of OVER THE HEDGE* a look behind the scenes of MADAGASCAR* a photographic tour of DreamWorks' northern and southern California campuses

Series Headline News

Turntable Timmy to Turn Up as Hip Hop Online Cartoon

Childrens author, Michael P., and illustrator, Doug DUG1 Cunningham have teamed with startup animation house, Rebel Static, for a groundbreaking new hip hop cartoon based on the critically acclaimed childrens book, TURNTABLE TIMMY (Last Gasp Publishing).

Headline News

SCI FI Channel Restructures Online Group To Focus on Broadband

SCI FI Channel has restructured SCIFI.COM to focus on broadband development and feature a richer balance of original online content and channel-related fare, with video playing a prominent role in every facet of the site.

Matthew Chiavelli will oversee the effort as Multimedia director and will be assembling a broadband team charged with developing the site's new broadband network, which will debut in May 2006. Also as part of the SCIFI.COM restructure, Marlon Jackson has been named web director and Shara Zoll has been named project director.

Universal Headline News Hosts World Premiere of King Kong's Skull Island

To celebrate the DVD release of King Kong on March 28, 2006, will host the world premiere of KING KONG'S SKULL ISLAND, a fascinating look at the unforgettable setting of three-time Academy Award-winning picture on March 18. SCI FI Channel will broadcast the featurette, beginning March 21, making the website and the cable network the only places audiences can experience this intriguing behind-the-scenes look at KING KONG before the release of the two-disc special edition DVD.

Star Headline News

Star Cave Studios Leads Irish Invasion At GDC

Leading Irish game developer, Star Cave Studios Ltd. is heading to GDC to showoff their portfolio of games. Among the products Star Cave Studio is bringing is a AAA online & multiplayer atmospheric, combined FPS shooter and RTS game named TERRA : FORMATIONS, which is in development for PC and scheduled to appear on leading next generation game consoles.

In TERRA : FORMATIONS, players take control of a marine on a mission to stop an alien race from taking over the galaxy. The game is available at GDC by appointment only.

Headline News

PlayStation 3 Launch Moved to November

Its official; Sony Computer Ent. Inc. (SCEI) has announced that it has moved the launch PlayStation 3 (PS3) to early November 2006 when it will be simultaneously released in Japan, North America and Europe. With a monthly production capacity of one million units, SCEI will push forward a product launch to spread the platform rapidly throughout the world, together with a strong lineup of game titles.

Headline News

Eyetronics Hits Home Run for Major League Baseball Players

Eyetronics has successfully completed the scanning of over 1,200 Major League baseball players and coaches for the Major League Baseball Players Assn. (MLBPA). The announcement was made by Nick Tesi, vp of operations for Eyetronics in the U.S., who helped supervise the scanning operation that rolled out in spring training camps in Florida and Arizona.

Game Headline News

DreamWorks & THQ Release Let's Ride: Dreamer Videogame

THQ Inc. has released LET'S RIDE: DREAMER INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY for the Game Boy Advance. Published by THQ's ValuSoft division, LET'S RIDE: DREAMER INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY, based upon the DreamWorks movie, is rated "E" for Everyone and is available at retail outlets throughout North America for $19.99 SRP.

Headline News

Second Life Machinima Film Bells and Spurs Premieres at SXSW

Linden Lab, creator of the virtual world SECOND LIFE, announced the release of BELLS AND SPURS, a machinima film based on the cowboy poem "Silver Bells and Golden Spurs" and created entirely within SECOND LIFE. The film will have its real world premiere Saturday, March 11, 2006, during the Screen Burn Beta Festival at the 13th annual SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin. To see the film and tour the virtual back lot where Bells and Spurs was filmed, visit