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Mastering Timing and Spacing ?

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Mastering Timing and Spacing ?

Hi fellow animators.

I am a fairly new animator. I am animating game characters for now but aiming for CGI (cutscenes, rendered trailers or even feature film) in the future. People say I`ve got a good eye for recreating human movement (whatever that tells) though I have a hard time learning about timing and spacing. I animate by instinct most of the time, at least every time I am given the freedom to do so and so far my animations come along quite well. 
Yet there are limitations if all I rely on is just instinct, and since feature film is what I want to do, I will have no choice but mastreing this topic. Sure I am familiar with the principals of Disneys nine old men but timing (and spacing) is the biggest rock for me to conquer. 

I know this can not be taught within a few sentences, but what I am looking for instead is suggestions and ideas on how to qualify myself. How do or did you learn about timing? Or is it as "simple" as animating different kinds of the bouncing ball a few times a day? 

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Animation Mentor has a free

Animation Mentor has a free video on timeing. You should go there and check it out.