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Multi-screen animation help

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Multi-screen animation help

I'm in the process of creating a piece of animation in where my character 'jumps' from one photo frame to another (the photo frames being in real not animated.  I was thinking of using small TV sets with wooden frames glued to the front to give the impression of a real photo frame)  Does this make sense so far???

Now my issue is not creating the animation, thats the easy part, my question I pose to you all is how to sync the running of the animation so it appears that my character is able to jump from each photo frame.  My first and only thought was to create, for example, 3 seperate animations each one being longer than the previous and then play them simulaneously to give the feeling that she has jumped from one to the other but in fact it is just 3 seperate dvds.

I hope this makes sense and you geniuses can come up with an answer for me!



I have never seen this

I have never seen this technic explained so may be a little reasearch might pull up some solutions. The only think I can think of is to sync up mulitpul players.