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Free/Open 2D Animation Software Crowdfunding Campaign

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Free/Open 2D Animation Software Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello everybody!

I'd like to know if some of you would be interested in to support this inspiring initiative:

"Tupi is a FREE/OPEN Software tool focused on 2D animation, with emphasis on usability and available for Linux and OSX. Wanna help us to take it to MS Windows users?"

I really appreciate if you can share this information with any digital artist that you consider could be interested. Thanks.

P.S.: If you want to see how Tupi looks like, please visit our Youtube channel:


I will understand and feel it in the best way, thank you for bringing useful information. Yepi - Kizi - Friv

The Tupi's crowdfunding

The Tupi's crowdfunding campaign is over and the money goal wasn't achieved, but the first installer for Windows could be done and it's available for everyone! More info right here: