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How much would an apple style ad cost to animate?

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How much would an apple style ad cost to animate?

Hi guys,

Just wondering how much an apple 'intention' style ad would take to animate for an upcoming project of mine. I have the storyboard all set out an ready, the link to the apple ad is here: If anyone is interested in doing this please reply to this post.



That is a very good video. I

That is a very good video. I think it is cool that you wont to emulate the style of the video. With this being a personnal project, that has no deadline, you should pick your software and try producing your animation.


Nice Video. Thanks for sharing

Its a great video. Thanks for sharing. We recently did a video on creating awareness about Menstruation which went viral. The video is very much on the same lines as the one that you shared.

Let me know if you like it.


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