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Not One Path Advice


I was wondering if anyone could offer some direction to a well-known subject, " there is no one certain path  ". 


My name is D. , a 31 year old returning student unsure of what would be the best next step. Post college, I did not know how to apply my art studio degree and spent some years experimenting without career outcome. 


My portfolio, primarily developed for experimental and now for character , carries development over  2 community colleges and self-education work which has been considered and rejected from a creative institution spanning years. 


At this time, I have been accepted to Laguna College of Art &Design for character. Overall, my family has asked that I reconsider the financial commitment for the 2nd bachelor's and consider community college buffering ( Santa Monica college) and perhaps focus later on applying to graduate programs Ucla, USC, and CalARTs.


I would like to work on features, independent shorts, and become resident to a studio house and have an interest in comedy and working with many departments. At this time, I have basic graphic skills and no specific portfolio focus or demo reel and am unsure where to start.


I have been advised that I could be working now and have had difficulty pursuing training because of 2nd degree school admission restrictions but find myself at a cross roads, hesitant to an open-ended creative umbrella or the financial and competitive pitfalls in a cyclic application business. I think I've been overwhelmed and as I've recently relocated, it would be awesome to benefit from some clarity  or mentorship.


If you have time, above is my first website (it's a lot so feel free to pick through)

 and any insight would be appreciated.


Thanks much,


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I think you are dancing around some obvious stuff here.

 If you want to make a career of this, you've got to be able to produce work that is more "commercial"....or more importantly, you've got to be able to demonstrate that you can do that.
I've looked over your drawing, comics and animation pages and I see someone who can "do her own stuff" but not someone who can show she can do other people's characters or material.

Honestly, being able to do other people's characters and designs will be the key to having a career in the field.

In my opinion, you will continue to be stymied until you can expand your skillset to to that.
I cannot say if  further education ( and thus student debt) will necessarily help you  moreso than straight self-exploration would.

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)


Hi Ken, 

Thanks for your straight forward insight - looking at the excess in my gallery, I've become aware of the lack of focus and ability to present any specific applicable skill-set required of a studio position. 

My rambling approach is dancing around the obvious and not regarding structure,  as well as the different demands of a voice in school application and commercial portfolios ;  my technical skill-set, including an ability to adopt others' designs, is an area that could use some definite work,  application, and presentation in mind of field practicality. Appreciate taking the time to look over and respond.

And now, to the drawing board.

Sincere thanks,