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The Lives of the Dissidents – animators needed; illustrators and writers also welcome

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The Lives of the Dissidents – animators needed; illustrators and writers also welcome

Gandhi. Mandela. Martin Luther King Jr. These dissidents are household names, but there are many dozens of people like them, less universally known, whose stories are also breathtaking.

I’m the project director of ‘The Lives of the Dissidents’, which aims to collect and tell these stories in dramatic form, with the necessary gravity but also with warmth and a dash of humour – think Persepolis. We will produce short animations (~10 mins), podcasts, and texts, and make them available for free on our own website, in a range of languages. (Our business model is to be a not-for-profit organisation that can raise revenue through philanthropy, sales of merchandise, and licensing for free-to-air broadcast.)

The project is in its infancy – we have a few scripts completed, some in development, a short animation celebrating ‘Tank Man’ of Tiananmen Square complete (but not released quite yet), and are building relationships with some museums and foundations around the world. We also have a good core of advisory executive producers.

As we pursue funding, we would like to do pre-production work on several stories – some concept art, some short sequences of rough animation – that we can use to excite potential funders. At this stage, we are unable to offer any payment, but we hope that in the future we could arrange for payment for full production, as well as a royalty agreement.

If you are an animator with a passion for these kinds of stories and are interested in working on such pre-production material, please send me an email and let me know, providing a link to your portfolio. We’re looking for animators with distinctive styles (with a preference for 2D), a professional attitude, and a flair for storytelling. We would also welcome expressions of interest from illustrators and writers. We would like to work on the pre-production material over the next six months or so.

You can email me at

Thanks for reading and your interest.

Patrick Lavery

Project Director – The Lives of the Dissidents