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Please help me out!! college selection!!

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Please help me out!! college selection!!

Hello people,
I am Dhairya from India, and want to pursue further studies in the USA! BTW I just got accepted in OTIS college of art and design and also in SCAD(Savannah college of art and design) for animation and vfx program. And I am seriously confused which college should I select!! People please help me out and give your suggestions, will be a great help!!,
And please reply asap as I have to give my decision before 1st may!!

Thank you.

Thank you for asking. It's my

Thank you for asking. It's my pleasure to help you with your college selection. Cost should always be an issue in college selection, though a fair number of students know about this. A recent survey of recent freshmen by researchers from UCLA found it is becoming a very big factor in their selection of Alma mater. Here's my advice, choose the college which offers  financial assistance. I hope my advice helps. Good luck and congratulations in advance.