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knowledge about android tablets

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knowledge about android tablets

Android is what developers called a "software stack" – a group of software that powers a mobile device. Android is an operating system and not hardware, so there's no specific "Android tablet" with set operating instructions; rather, there are dozens of companies that have chosen to use Android on their tablets. This means that each tablet operates a little differently, though a few industry standards exist.

USB Connections
All android tablets connect to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, the device should charge – as long as the computer recognizes it. Look for manufacturer-specific software to launch once you plug your tablet into your computer; if this software fails to launch, it's likely that your computer hasn't detected the device and won't charge it. Try a second USB cable, if available, or plug the USB cable into a different port. If the device doesn't charge in either port, replace the USB cable.

AC Adapters
Some android tablets are sold with an accompanying AC power adapter, though these accessories are often optional. Try plugging your tablet into its AC power connector in the event that its USB cable isn't functioning. Also check different wall outlets in case the outlet you are plugging your tablet into is defective. If the device fails to charge in different outlets, the AC adapter may be faulty.

Like any device with an operating system – a computer, a mobile phone or an MP3 player – tablet computers can freeze from time to time. When a computer freezes, you can reboot or restart it to get the operating system working proper again. This is true of tablets too, but rebooting these systems can be a little tricky. Check the manufacturer's website for specific instructions to restart your system. Putting the tablet to sleep and waking it up doesn't clear its memory – look instead for the buttons for a "reset," which are different for every brand. This may clear up any recent malfunctions, like freezing apps or charging issues.

Just like a computer, tablets sometimes need to be restored to their original state to overcome technical issues like charging problems. Again, the process of restoring your tablet to its factory default differs from model to model and from brand to brand. Check the manual or the manufacturer's website for specific instructions, but as a general rule: plug the tablet into your computer using the provided USB cable. Wait for the appropriate software to load and then look for a "Restore" option. Follow the onscreen prompts to restore the device.

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