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Animators for a video game project

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Animators for a video game project

Hello all,

Currently I'm working on a video game making project.
The project is social and educational and has a volunteer base (unpaid project).
Target audience: 12-16 y.o. - Aboriginal youth.

I'm in a need of 2D character animators.

There are 9 main characters and several additional ones. Not all the characters have many animations to complete; a lot of animations are just poses with variations (e.g., talking or emotions).

If to talk about analogs - you can see 'The Night of the Rabbit' and 'What Makes you Tick - a Stitch in Time' walkthroughs - in terms of animation I'd like to see something between these two games.

Deadline - March, 31, 2014.

If you are interested or have more questions, please feel free to write back.

Best regards.