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What are the top three animation softwares for movies/TV?

What credentials that are necessary to be a great animator?

Where is the best training to be a good animator?

Are you asking about Maya and

Are you asking about Maya and After Effect?


I am open to anything as far as softwares go.

Different studio have

Different studio have different software programs that they use. If you are going to school then get really good at the software program they use. You can learn in-house programes, after you get hired,

Your credentials are the skills you bring to the job. The better you are at any given task the more valuable you will be. You have to prove you have the skill sets because I serioiuly dought anyone will take you at your word.

Top three training tips for animations is draw, draw, draw. 

This is my comment,  hope someone can make a better one.

Maya rules

if you are asking about 3D bear in mind that the companies trust in Maya based only... good ones like Disney Animation Studios ask for: Maya, Z-Brush, Mudbox, Linux, Photoshop, or equivalent 2D painting tools, 3D Paint tools, UNIX/Linux, shaders, Renderman, RSL, MEL, Python, Houdini, C or C++, AVID media composer, After Effects, Nuke...

and the list go on...