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Animation distribution

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Animation distribution

Hi, anyone knows any distribution channel of animation videos which generate revenue to the authors by on demand sales? I know that many of animation videos are published in websites like Vimeo, YouTube, and etc. However, this kind of websites don’t allow sales of the videos, only generate revenue to the authors showing advertising on the video. I don’t know if this kind of revenue (only advertising), is appropriate and enough to enable and maintain the production of short-films and animation series by amateur or professionals artists/studios. For example, if a group of animators/artists want to create and produce an animation short-film or even an amateur animation serie to sell to the public as a product, what channel is the most appropriate?

Despite I'm a great admirer of animation techniques for a long time, I’m starting to study e to know more deeply about animation market. I’m a programmer and I’m working on a project to create a platform to commercialize amateurs and professional animation films to help animation artists/producers finance their jobs, that’s why I want to know your opinion about this subject.

Thank you