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Animator Available

It's been years since I've been on AWN.
I am experienced in 2d (drawn and Flash); Gaming, web and TV animation.
After a great job for the last 4 plus years, I am again between jobs as the company is moving entire operations out of Las Vegas while I choose to stay in beautiful British Columbia.

So I am looking for work. Could be remote; could be my locality, for a name company doing games, TV animation or Ecards.

My Online Portfolio

I'm not interested in animating for anyone who has no animation experience but has an "idea". At that point I may as well do my own vision.

I am willing to listen politely to collaborations with experienced animators but my preference is fairly paid work.


how does $20-40ea for animations ranging from 0:30-4:00 (mostly under 2minutes) or cheaper + half of the revenue, i got quite a few lined up, but im still learning (as in learning to animate properly, i can animate all the same though), i only recently started observing the animation techniques used on tv for many kids programs which are flash based, and applying them so far has proven difficult, and i need to start putting my stuff out on youtube while my account is still hot with activity from my last viral vid.

Ide do the storyboarding and lipsyncing, some-all character models for general use like facing 1-2 different angles and really just the stuff i cant do at the moment. Unless you got your own, i can supply all sfx and obviously, the voicing, but ill need you to do the backgrounds and some props, asuming your better than i am.

Im going to do a fair few parodies, compared to original works so ill be needing you to be able to work off a pre-set style for many of the stuff i have planned.
Most of the animations are going to be quite basic, ide do them myself if i could draw it up in an appealing manner, but i cant so im stuck with the simple stuff until i draw better. Itle have allot of talking with appropriate level of motion and body language.

Also, if anything is considerably successfull ill pay a $50-80 bonus if the video hits over 50-70K views, unless im already splitting revenue.

Now, about myself, i can animate basically anything i can visualize, the problem is i cant draw very well, im more of an on paper drawer, even using a multimedia tablet, unless im drawing where the pen nib is touching, it doesnt work out.
Heres my current project as a sample of what i can do, note the sudden change in animation as the new character comes in, that was when i started properly planning everything out and actually trying to animate properly, organised and such.

If your interested just reply to this post, or email me at