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Désir Obscur Studios

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Désir Obscur Studios


I am Ollie and I started my own little animation Studio! I have so much to learn but don't most of us?

I come from a small fishing village on the South Coast of England and I'm into Sailing and Music which is what I spend most of my time doing. I got into Animation as a kid growing up on Disney and Tim Burton and I expanded my knowledge as I got older specializing in Claymation.

My Studio unfortunately got its name from a dark past and one which I would like not to divulge on this site, it saddens me when I think about it but still it is the reason I started animating as a hobby so it has its good glimpses.

You can find the Facebook Page for my studio below feel free to have a watch of some of my animation!

Now I have some questions if I may?

What clay's do you guy's and gal's recommend for doing props and how would I go about hardening them and painting them?

How does one animate a puppets fingers & mouth moving? and I actually mean the entire mouth not stick on mouths... the motion of the Jaw moving as well?

And what sizes do you guys recommend I make the props/puppets?

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