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Paid job: Need Animator to fill in animatics

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Paid job: Need Animator to fill in animatics

Heres the situation, im working on numerous projects, or rather, planning for them. Some are original animations, music videos both original and not, and fanimations, all are 2d in flash.
These projects are purely for profit, however the level of success is uncertain.
Right now i need to gather an audience on youtube, i need to produce something that will capture peoples attention, what i have planned, i think should do the trick, not immediately, but eventually.
All profits i should add are youtube revenue which is aproximately $0.0025-0.0035 per view, for refference, i made $180 last month off a video that went viral and reached 60 thousand views, while it didnt reach millions like other virals, it wasnt a particularly interesting video, but it did at one stage receive up to 4000 views per day.

Now, the projects are as follows

My little pony: Willford brimley (as pony) and derpy have lunch together, derpy flips out ~1-3 minutes
My little pony: Saw project: Cutie mark crusaders put derpy in a lobotamizer death trap (no gore) ~3-4 minutes
Im growing grass music video: A simple short music video about a guy growing some grass which blows out of proportion ~<2
Anti truancy video ~1-2 minutes
Infomercial about wearing pants ~1-2 minutes
Anti terrorism video: formatted as a anti bulleying video directed at children ~1-3 minutes
My little pony: Brony religion: Pinkie pie starts a brony cult ~2-4 minutes
Pokemon parody adventure show: ive posted a link at the bottom, this is a pokemon parody, i just need help with some posturing, facial expressions and hand gestures. For the alternate ending, i just need some facial expressions, done. so roughly 10-30 seconds for the alternate ending and 1-2 minutes for the rest part.

Now, each project, depending on the actual length ide pay on average $20-30 each, each would have a storyboard set out, some character models, and all the instructions you need as well as some stuff already filled out depending on how it goes.
Ultimately though the price depends on the quality, and the quantitiy of said quality, based on the demo, ill make a reasonable offer on what i beleive its worth. While i definitely wont go over a hundred, if i feel its worth it i am prepared to pay out considerably large amounts for the few minutes of animation im tasking you with. It all really depends on what your skill is worth to me.

Aside from drawing up some props, building character models where appropriate and backgrounds, its mostly going to be animatics with no lip syncing required. Ill do as much as i can, but your job will be to fill in where i lack finesse.
Some projects will require framebyframe character movement, others can be done with flash models/ puppets.

Im expecting my moneys worth here, no more no less, inside a reasonable amount of time 2-4 weeks per project seems fair, given i could do them in that time at most, but of a lesser standard than what i would like.

Payment is done by paypal, upfront after i see a demo depicting a reasonable standard of animation and graphic design, and in the case of the my little pony projects, showing you can animate close enough to the real thing.
Alternatively, rather than upfront payment, i can promise 50% of all monthly revenue paid out per month, im not the best judge of a viral hit, but if it somehow reaches the hundreds of thousands it would be a worth while gamble.

These projects are open to multiple animators, im not just after one that can do them all, but just about anyone who can show me a worthwhile demo, and keep in mind, im just looking for clean animation and neat lines. If you can show me previous works as demos thats fine also.

Contact me at if your interested, ill show you the script and a storyboard, you then show me what you can do, and well go from there.

Lastly, heres an example of my work, essentially if you can do better than this ill consider you

I hope its not too late,

I hope its not too late, however, you may want to check us out at

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