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New Without a Clue

Hello! I am looking for advice or assistance with an animation project. I have no experience in the field, and so I am looking for a new team member willing to help out. If nothing else, I will settle for some tips on getting started and attempt to go it alone. I would def prefer to work with someone on this though.

You should also check with your local college or art center for volunteers.

As for getting started with a big project, think about shrinking it. You should keep to 30 second, more or less. Large project are unwieldily if you do not have experience.

You could script out your idea then cut it up into small pieces. By the time you reach the end of your script you should have a good work flow going for you.

Thanks for the advice. I'll try to get some information on campus tomorrow. My friend and I already have a script and ideas for a few scenes as far as animation. The plan is for a short series of videos, so its good to hear we are on the right track. Hopefully I will find some peeps around school. Thanks again.