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Non-paid position, looking for animator

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Non-paid position, looking for animator

Hi! My name is Adrienne but most people call me Addie. I'm looking for an animator to work with me on a project. I've spoken to a couple animators on tumblr who said they were unable and i thought i'd put the word out there in case anyone willing would find this. I write mediocre poetry but i was hoping that someone could help me bring life to my ramblings. Here is the poem for those who are interested:

Her head was a cassette tape in constant play. Her hand searched for more than fractured skin and skeletons in poppy fields, while suicide scenarios played on repeat./ Empty beds lay covered with twisted sheets from nightmares that were indistinguishable from waking hours. Gnarled from a sex of morphine, wit and love once lost that lures in her birdfoot lunacy as worlds clash together in a symphony of breaking hearts and Elvis tapes./ Even God himself couldn't condemn these sins of a song that chokes the stars within and putting back together a girl whose broken pieces were a puzzle. The kind of puzzle that keeps you up until three in the morning contemplating whilst all the crickets have taken there leave. This isn't a puzzle of scattered plastic and printed landscapes but of constellations and nebulae in her blackened lungs that breath in rotten air and soak up the wisdom in a song./ So let us sit and hope, hope that the watchmaker can turn back before the stars could fathom gears for hearts. Hearts that yearn for the warmth of a lover's tongue as she writes poetry with beautiful imagery and falls in love with the mere idea of him./ Eyes will scrutinize what they cant understand as there are those who write their obituaries on the wings of a thousand paper cranes. They drink away their imperfections as there children try and find a beautiful way to die. We send them to a war of names and fists and she prays, as still as a porcelain doll and as untainted as snow she mimics. We sent our children to war./ Still the paper cranes fly from broken pavement corners, cracked wrists and empty medicine bottles. There will be a pause in each prayer when a hand will stop to fold./ Her head was a cassette tape in constant play.

I'm sure there a couple typos in there but this is it. I'm very sorry that i am unable to give money for this i know it's probably a time consuming thing. But if anyone would like to work with me on this i'd be very happy. You can contact me via email at or via tumblr Thank you for you're time!
-Addie :o