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Pitching Animation

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Pitching Animation

On April 16th, I'm hosting a great webinar with former Disney/Dreamworks/WB animation executive Max Howard on how to pitch animation.
In this Hit Maker Seminar, you'll discover:

How to pitch animation
Where to pitch your animation
What you need for your pitch
How to land great pitch meetings
The biggest pitch mistakes to avoid
The #1 element you MUST have for your pitch
8 Steps to creating a story that will sell
How the animated film Igor was sold
Discover your USP - Unique Selling Point
The questions you must be prepared to answer
How project titles matter
What you need to do before your pitch
How Mark pitched 35 times in one day
BONUSES: We also have great bonuses, available for you as soon as you register. You don't have to wait!
Bonuses include a sample treatment (invaluable!), 150 page workbook, and a 30% discount off of Toon Boom's Storyboard Pro v4 software (SAVE $300!)

For more information and to register, go to