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I do music and wish I could animate

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I do music and wish I could animate

Hi all,

I've always loved animation, particularly western animation. When given the choice between watching a new live-action TV show and an animated one, I choose the animated one every time. A part of me really wants to try my hand at making my own animation, but I lack decent artistic skills. I can draw, but it takes many tries and many hours to generate any drawings that I find acceptable. I'll continue to try, but it will be a while before I get anywhere with it unless I manage to get REALLY motivated all of a sudden.

My real passion in the arts and entertainment industry, though, is for service. If I can provide someone some assistance that can make their animation project better, that's what I want to do. My outlet for this is music; I've been doing my best to pursue film music, though it's taking me a while to get anywhere. (I've been at it for over a year and have gained myself a grand total of 1 IMDb credit, $300, and no recurring gigs.)

There are two reasons I want to pursue helping animators with music. The first is that I like animation (see above). The second is that I think that animation tends to be more accessible to viewers than live-action material. Particularly when it comes to internet media, a two minute animated short made on a budget of $0 to $500 is more likely to be appealing to viewers than a similarly made live-action short. As an addendum to the previous paragraph, I like to serve the viewers as well, generating content that a large number of people are more likely to enjoy. This is as opposed to "expressing myself" or otherwise "being artsy."

So yeah, I think I've talked enough. As a quick personal plug, I have a B. A. in Music with a Certificate in Music Composition, I've scored several short films, I own some industry-standard software for creating music and scoring films, and I specialize in more orchestrally-based music.

And I'm probably willing to work for free, especially if I like your project.

My meager abilities of animation:
An animation that I did music for:
I'm still proud of the intro music I made for this guy:
My BandCamp site: