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Jak6jak a Rookie Anamator

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Jak6jak a Rookie Anamator

Hi its me jak6jak and I've been on this site for some time now and I finally got the nerve to introduce myself in case you don't know from looking at the thread title I am a rookie animator at the moment. since my animations look like the trash in Disney studios's dumpsters, but I will
Get better (hopefully) and that's the main reason I joined this site.

Here's a some random things about me:

Things I'm thankful for:
A skip button in Pandora
Copy and paste

Favorite food: shrimp

What I would wish for if I had three wishes:
A computer that did what you wanted,
To create an animation that doesn't look like poop
And 15 more wishes

favorite YouTube channel:
Mine of course!!

Favorite day of the week:

If I was an animal what animal would I be?:
A monkey

Favorite word:

Thanks for reading! :)

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-A ninja animator

-A ninja animator