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Best Project Management and Backup Software for Animation

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Best Project Management and Backup Software for Animation

Hi guys,
Can you please recommend your favorite Project Management and/or Backup Software?

I'm working with a startup animation company which is well aware of how important managing workflow and keeping to deadlines is. We have also had pretty terrible experiences losing lots of work. Can you recommend efficient systems which have worked for you?

Proofhub : Best tool for animation

I am running an animation company for the past 2 years and I am using proofhub to carry out my work. It is very easy to use. It has both free and paid packages. I love it

There are various web based project management softwares available like basecamp, ProofHub (, zoho, etc. Among these I found ProofHub to be most user friendly. Its USP is its proofing tool that makes it stand apart from others.

proofhub is good indeed.

Project Management Software and Backup Tips

We do a circulation method for our hard disks, which we routinely back up every week. For notifications/reminders on the backup schedules, we use Latitude project management software, which also offers timesheets, client-project tracking, tasks/subtasks creation, gantt chart, quotes, invoices and report generation. Very convenient for managing the office. We find it a convenient solution for all our needs.

I have personal experiences here

I have personal experiences here, I had used several project management tools in the past, but the worst part is when you transition from one tool to another and the efforts you take to make the tool sync with your process.

Initially, when I transitioned from a free tool to basecamp I felt the heat and was worried when we needed to change again as we were not happy with the way project were managed. Now we are doing fine with Replicon project management software and we dont even think of changing as you know, the process is hectic. Moreover, why should we change a tool that is working fine for us?


I am freelancer and I also require a project management tool to manage my multiple projects. I have used many tools but to me proofhub seems to be the best alternative to basecamp. I am using this tool for the past 2 months and this tool has made my work a lot easier.

Recommended Project Management Software

There are no best project management software parse, it all depends on your project needs. In my case i have been using Teamwork PM for over a year now and I am completely satisfied. It has helped me organized all my projects and kept track of what needs to be done, milestones accomplished, as well as project deadlines. I love the simple user interface, very user friendly even to newbies.  Give it a try.  For a more detailed product review you can read it here. 

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simple project management software


You can try which is a good time tracking software as well. We are a design company and we have been using this software for a while now.