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So here are a few illustrations I've done over the last year(ish), mostly for personal amusement/practice and stuff. I joined up with the forum to kind of get motivated to work on my 3D Animation demo and really get that off the ground, but my real passion is and always will be, drawing. I've been drawing since I was twelve, well before I ever took any formal art class or training and it's the one thing that can probably turn me into a five year old girl every time I try to describe how much I love it (Just imagine all the giddy and the giggling and the flailing and that's me talking about drawing). I'm not sure what I want to do with it. I would love to be able to get into concept one day, but I know I am nowhere near the level of finish that I need to be in order to reach that goal. SO, in the mean time, I'll just practice like a nut. I'm going to try to post something new here every day. Any critiques and feedback would be great, if anyone is so inclined :)
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Some speed painting for the night. I'm testing out the brand new tablet I got for a nice steal (70 dollars for a pretty new Bamboo Capture 8D!) and so far I'm real pleased with it. As always critiques are wholly welcome!
And don't worry, the shadow is friendly. I think >_>

I would call that powerful, great piece.

D8 Oh wow, that really does mean a lot. Certainly the first time 'powerful' has ever been used in connection to something I've done, SO THANK YOU, IT'S GREATLY APPRECIATED! As always though, don't be afraid to tell me what I should improve on too xD Though all the love has really been awesome for the muse :D

Moar pictures (Cause apparently I'm not allowed more then four to a post, so)

Last one is fan art, because I am an incurable Yu Yu Hakusho lover <3

These are nice:) Colors are aptly chosen,The last one is the best for me!

Last one is fan art, because I am an incurable Yu Yu Hakusho lover <3

Great job, I really like the pose. Is this a copy of some original art from Yu Yu?

fun stuff Hope you keep posting!:D

8D thanks!! As for the last one i took a few reference shots of me killing my thighs to really try getting the right weight, because I wasn't satisfied with the foreshortening and posing in my attempts to freestyle it. I'm not sure if Hiei ever makes a pose like that, though he does do a lot of the crouchy "I am a serious swordsman" moves XD and the dragon was sort of based off references from the show and the cover art for dragon age. So... A mishmash of borrowed resources would be the proper answer to that

Alright, so due to the craziness of the Christmas holidays and the fact that my tablet driver decided to be stupid, the daily sketches are on hold for a tad. Just until I can get Wacom to get back to me about how I can get my bamboo working again D8 HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE

good pieces,think the second one is the best for me,simple but cute paintings of characters.

Thank you 8D I should do more drawings of characters made from simple shapes. I learned how to draw through reading Shounen Jump as a kid, so my default style kind of leans towards the manga-esque. But the second and third picture were for a re-imagining of the Three Musketeers I wanted to do (Because it's another one of those strange little things I can't help but irrevocably love), but that I kind of pushed aside for other whims. But I've yet to do full body sketches or model sheets for Athos, Porthos and Aramis, so I might make this my next project. For today, two for the price of one, based off a roleplay I'm currently doing with a friend:

Some practice for me and some faces to visualize for her. I had fun getting reacquainted with pencil and paper. I almost forgot how nice it is to get that texture when you're drawing.

I like the drawing with the girl who has hair like whips.