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Animation News from Comicon!!!

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Animation News from Comicon!!!

There was a video released on YouTube announcing a submissions page for ideas for a new Heavy Metal Original Animation Movie. Anybody can submit production ideas for consideration for a new movie they plan to make.

Here is the vid:

Here is the submissions page:

Good luck!:p

I like some of the things that robert rodriquez has done. but if your not getting paid for it. your giving your ideas away for free. and hoping the exposure will lead to something. keep in mind its possibe they could use your design and not give you credit for it

I would add that, at least for me, knowing that the movie will be full 3D makes it a little less interesting. I would love to see the best of 2D animation technology of today applied to a big movie done in a different style from what we usually see...

Also, if your ideas are good enough to be accepted by them, you would probably go much further to get hold of the tools and make it yourself. Imagine the exposure that would bring.

Haha! Yes but love conquers all things my friend! :p That submissions agreement is just nuts, all caps rage type NUTS! I threw a character interpretation their way from the poster of the last time they were to release a film and it came up AFTER I hit the button.

It pretty much gives them permission to commit identity theft on you...I mean I did tell them my name!

BTW Terrence what is going on with yourself these days?:confused: